March 22, 2012
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Come on Gus lets go we where supposed to be there an hour ago. When we got there, they went inside and Shaun thought he saw a candy bar inside so he stuck his hand in the box and it got stuck because of his watch so it took him a while to get it out but he got it out. Then they went outside and heard a big boom and a truck went though the gate with all the paintings. When they got to the police station the head of the museum said I want them to go to jail now. But the detective no you cant put someone in jail for being stupid even though that idea pleases me you just cant to it. When they went back to psych where there other job is a man named despauraux any one call for an art thief. Gus said no this guy is not helping us and aren’t you on trial ya but it ends in a few days and I was in Hawaii at the time. I can find out where the art is Shaun said he got his watch stuck in the box and had a GPS so I can find it right now so despauraux found it instantly. So they drove up to the mountains and they went inside an old factory and found out where the art was. They’re not taking the art there only taking a civil war dagger how much is it worth only about nine to ten thousand dollars why would they take that well I know they must be going after the core collection. The Milka Gogoviche’s people went into a room and Despauraux said no I’m going to take the dagger Gus said no we are not taking that they will find us. Then we are start getting chased by the Milka Gogoviche’s people and Despauraux says meet me at the boat which one the one I showed you oh ya I remember that boat. Then Shaun and Gus went to the wrong boat while the bad guys are chasing Despauraux then they start shooting at Despauraux boat and it stops working. Then a lady took out a gun and said boat troubles then she shot the boat and it exploded. Then the police came a detective Juliet said Shaun the art is exactly where you told us. Then the head detective lassie said sorry Shaun Deapauraux is dead. When Shaun and Gus went back to psych Despauraux lawyer said Mr.Despauraux stuff will be given to the following one point three million dollars to psych his house in Hawaii,a castle in England , and all of his cars. Okay we are finished here good-bye. Shaun decides to go to the police station and he goes down stairs to the coroner’s room and says woody where’s Despauraux and Woody takes out a beer and said want one no at nine o’clock in the morning oh ya its to early so he shows him Despauraux and its just a foot and a watch and some of Gus’s things. Shaun starts laughing and said Woody he’s still alive and he says are you sure I’m pretty sure that’s a real foot. The next day was the funeral and Shaun decided to make a eulogy and he said Despauraux is probably behind that tree or under that bush and then his dad henry was also a cop gave Shaun a paper and it said one hundred percent match to Pierre Despauraux. Shaun said he’s really dead I’ve dealt with death before I’ve never lost anyone who was closed to me. With As they where leaving milka gogoviche took out a knife and said where’s the dagger we searched the whole bottom of the lake and its not there so where is it. Then Lassie came and said was that Milka Gogoviche ya we haft to go and Juliet and Henry followed after him. After that Shaun and Gus had a fight and Shaun kicked the dagger out of Gus’s hand and a cap tipped of and they figured out it was a key. Then Shaun and Gus went to an old house and Shaun stuck the dagger in everything then when they sat down Shaun stuck the dagger in a whole and a door opened so they went in and Milka gogoviche said open the other door so Shaun opened it and it said look behind you so they did and Despauraux said don’t you hate it when people kill you. Then Shaun said how could you do this to me aw I don’t care your still the coolest. Then they opened a vase and it was just the guys ashes so they go to his grave and there’s is a statue of him so they break it down with a sledgehammer but its only his paintings and Despauraux said I hope it’s the painting of Julius Caesar then Despauraux took one painting and put water on it and it was the painting of Julius Caesar and it was. Shaun there was five other paintings at the statue no Juliet there was six.


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