The Celebrity Experience

March 16, 2012
By Leps14 SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Leps14 SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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It was a dream come true! The moment I saw his eyes, my feet fell from under me and I was looking up at his beautiful face! It was Chris Ryan, the cutest, best singer in the whole world, and now he was touching my hand to help me up. As he helped me off the ground, I hoped that I would faint so that his muscular arms would catch me! As I got to my feet, he smiled and giggled a little. I could tell that this was not the first time a girl fell for him. As I stared into his gorgeous blue eyes, I saw a big smile on his face as he said, "Come on! I have a whole new life to show you!”
As we walked back stage together, I swore that he could hear my heart beating so hard I thought it would explode! When we got to his dressing room, his security guard asked him if this was “the girl.” He simply nodded and we walked in. I am a 16 year-old blond-haired, green-eyed girl named Jaime and I won a contest to get here. As we walked into the huge changing room, the first thing that I noticed was the number of people calling him on his phone. He just laughed at the way I looked at his phone and said, "It is always this busy around here". As we turned to walk away, he was handed a stack of papers from his manager saying, "Here are 300 posters that you need to sign them before the concert tonight.” Giving the manager a disapproving look, he said “fine” and tossed them carelessly on the table. Then we turned around and left in a hurry, before he could get attacked with more work. I told him that I thought being famous was the best, most glorious life, and he simply replied with, "It is a glorious life, but you have no privacy and can barely trust anyone. It is not as glorious as everyone thinks it is. You barely get any sleep." I gave him a look of, “Are you kidding me? This is the best life” but he just looked back and smiled awkwardly. As we walked up to the elevator, we discussed how many people he has to perform in front of. He told me as we got in the large green elevator to go to the stage that the stadium seats 100,000 people and he gets nervous before every performance. I felt totally overwhelmed by that fact! He then said, "We have to be quick on the stage because I have to get ready for the concert very soon." and right as he said that, the elevator jerked to a sudden halt.
After 20 minutes of waiting, he started to get worried. The concert was starting in 25 minutes and he said that he had about 40 minutes of work to do. He tried to call his manager, but he did not have a cell phone signal. In panic he pulled the emergency lever on the elevator. We both figured out that that was a bad move when a terrible high-pitched screech came from the elevator and there was a blinding red light that made us close our eyes. Then we heard his manager to tell us that we were going to start moving in 5 minutes when maintenance gets here. Relieved, Chris said, "So what's exciting at school lately?" I quickly replied, "Prom, but you wouldn't care about our stupid prom." He looked sadly at the ground and said, "I don't get to go to proms because I'm always traveling." I said, "But you could probably get a prom date with anyone!" Nodding his head he said, "Yeah, if only I could. I can never be another normal kid at the prom." The elevator started moving back down to the backstage floor and he said, "When we get down there, I will have to rush to get ready, so you can go for a walk with one of my dancers. Smiling at the offer I said, "I think I'll go get in my seat for the concert.”
Thinking about all that I had done today, and all that I had seen about a rockstar life, I realized that it is a fun life to have, but also a very hard life to live. So, as we departed, I was happy to have had the experience, but now I know that it's not all perfect and I am happy with the life I have.

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