The Accidental Angel (chapter 2:The Voice of the Mad)

February 29, 2012
Chapter 2:The Voice of the Mad
And so it was,after that moment I was placed in a catholic school.A school in witch I would be a woman slave in training....until I was about fourteen that is.After the accident I never spoke much.Only time my voice was heard was when I was reading the bible aloud in class, unfortunately.But,by all means,that was not the only place my voice was heard mind you.I sang out in a part of the garden were not even Father James had known existed every time I snuck out of the basement were the girls slept.However,like I said,I WAS a slave.For the church in witch the school was held in was fixated on there opinion on women.The slaves of man is what they called us.We were put on this earth to raise children,cook,clean and sleep with who ever we were told.Looking back,I was raped a good couple of times;but,back then at the first sign of danger I would go into shock and become a zombie.So it never fazed me much,shockingly.Then again,all twenty girls were raped constantly;and we were beaten as well.As I said,It never fazed me.All we were given to where were old dirty night gowns.It shocked me when the girls would stick up for the old preacher."We are lucky enough to get an education!",they would state as if they were pure brain washed.The lessons we received were nothing but bible nonsense.I sat in the back like the other girls so I hid one of my books in my bible;I read that instead using the bible to hid it.Sly right? That was until,however,.....he caught me.I was dragged to his office by my hair.On this day my shock was not induced and I have no idea why!He broke the door open and he threw me to his desk,my collar bone slamming agents it.I fell to my knees,my chin hitting the tile top of the desk.He threw the paper back book at my head as he screeched pure disgust.
"HOW DARE YOU!!You disgusting excuse for a woman!You read these-these books of the devil-and you DARE set foot in the blessed house of the lord!",he began.
I sit there,chest bleeding.The whites of my eyes red with anger and dripping with tears.The pain made his holler much more terrifying.
"I....I...I just-"
"I DON"T want to hear your satanic nonsense!You are a woman;you are lucky we LET you read the bible!But,no you go and read these--these devil books!"
Now, I am going to pause there for a moment,forgive me.But,I forgot to mention one thing.You see after the night I saw my frightful face in that cracked mirror.I have had....blackouts;can I call them that?You see they are kind of what cause me to go into shock.During these 'blackouts' I am still awake and focused,mind you,but I get this lust--this desire to kill.Not just kill,but drain them of there life force as if it were of importance to me!
Now,were was I?Oh yes...My mind swayed and I began to feel the pure blood lust creep through my veins.He walked over to me and grabbed my book,Blood and Gold(witch was now covered in blood from my chest),he looked the soaked book up and down and chuckled under his breath."If you wish to be a satanic little rule breaker...I will show you what it means to be in hell!" he proclaimed as he grabbed me by the collar of my dust old night gown.the gash I had obtained from the edge of the tiled desk had gotten bigger from his swift grab that accidentally scratched it,making it deeper.Blood dripped down to my legs from the gash and my hair had already been soaked.He dragged me down the hall,my collar in one hand and my book in the other.I knew what I had done but it was surly not deserving such blood loss.As we rushed toward the front of the school the kids were following us from there class rooms.I looked back and the first thing I noticed was the silky,sleek shine of the raven hair on the head of my first love,Ember Bonnifoy. I felt tears rush down my face once more;the woman I had cared for so much was about to see me in this state.
We had gotten outside and he lead me to the stream.He threw me to the rocks on the bank and he smiled like a mad man as he pulled a lighter out of his sweater pocket. The kids and staff watched with mouths open as he set a blaze the sticks and leaves on the ground.It grew large but it did not spread.However,it horrified me,no,the lust!It made the wish to kill even greater then before.The sight of the blaze drove my craving to see his blood scattered all over the bruising rocks wild and it was all I could think of.But,it did not last long.I came back as he dropped the book in the flames.I froze in shock and watched as my book burned to ash slowly.The children watched me carefully hoping I would have a come back like usual;but this time it was not me who would attack.A voice had risen in my mind,that of a young girl, was womanly,might I say.It spoke words in witch I had been thinking this whole time...
"Now,Melody...kill him!"
It was all I needed to hear.I felt my eyes change,my flesh grew cold,my wound on my chest healed as if on its own within seconds.I'm sure no one saw through the gown,though.My desire of the sight of blood was spiraling out of control.I darted up and dashed at him,jumping clear over the fire and flinging him backwards with one kick tho the chest.
"HOW DARE YOU!WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE,YOU BLOODY GIT?DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU MESS WITH,THE LIES YOU SPREAD?YOU DARE INSULT ME!",It was not me who was raging,but it was the voice in me.It acted out of pure rage and my locked away hate had fulled it.I felt my nails grow a few inches longer.I clawed at his face and beat him to the ground;every hit making the lust slowly relived.Then,I did something that,at the time,I regretted.
He lay on the ground,blood pouring from his head.I pulled him closer then sank my teeth into his shoulder.Everyone had ran in horror...all but Ember.The blood rushed into my mouth and I sucked on it greedily.My mind was yelling at me to stop,that I was going pure mad;but, my body was controlled by the voice.
Two alter boys came running at me with holly water in hand.They flung it at me witch made me let go instantly.I felt the voice reseal its self and loose control.I quickly threw up every drop of blood I had consumed. My body was thankfully back to normal."Have you gone insane,girl!",the blond boy questioned me as he helped the other lift the half dead preacher of the ant filled rocks.The bloody mess was a sight to see....I saw Ember run inside threw the corner of my eye.My head turned instinctively to the fire that had apparently died out.I crawled to it and put my hand threw the ashes that was Blood and Gold,the story of Marius.
"I...I want the bed taken away....classes taken away...and I want her in solitude.",said the man with the breath he had at the moment.
And so I had my own little room within the halls of the underground of the church.They dare not call the police,they would be giving themselves up in the process. I sat on the cold concrete floor my other books hidden under my tiny blanket.Nothing but the walls,the tiny window,and my thoughts.

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