The Legend of Zelda – Hyrule’s Scorched Dominion

February 15, 2012
By Anonymous

Amidst the smoke and fire ambers that drifted in the air, a light drizzle of rain sizzled amongst the endless flames that covered Hyrule Town. On the horizon, past the town buildings engulfed by fire, stood the castle of Princess Zelda. The castle was also covered in bright blazing flames. It burned brighter than a volcano erupting in the night. It almost looked to symbolize a bright pillar of torchlight. The entire kingdom lied all in hell as fire soared into the air, picking up the breeze and growing even bigger. Buildings began to collapse into piles of hot glowing cinders. Sparks drifted up, scattering in every direction. The dark clouds overhead blackened the sky. They blocked out the sun and made the day turn to night. The rain continued to drizzle, making the hissing noise of a snake as they hit the flames and evaporated into the air. All was quiet otherwise. No townspeople could be seen. Only fire and cinders and ashes.

But past the borders of flame and in the center of the burning ring that use to be the center of Hyrule Town, stood a figure of great courage and strength amongst the crackling flames around him. He was covered in black soot and ash; his cloths looked a little frayed but that didn’t make him any less the hero he was. He had unforgettable wild blond hair, with lean ears that slightly pointed through the thick strands, and eyes as fierce and as blue as the raging ocean. He had on a green tunic completed with chainmail, a belt, boots, gauntlets, a shield, and a grand sword sheathed across his back. His gear wasn’t just ordinary gear. It was gear worn by a true warrior that fought with valor and vigor. His sword was the one and only master sword that could never be shattered by any other kind of weapon. It revealed the reflection of roaring fire on its polished blade. His heavy duty shield held the delicate designing’s of the tri-sign lined with platinum steel and his long green hat-

“Hey!” echoed Navi’s voice, from behind his shoulder. Link glanced at Navi with his fierce eyes. Navi, a gleaming blue fairy, hovered over in front of Link’s face. Shimmering blue starry shapes radiated about Navi’s body, almost like pixie dust. “Your hat was turned into ashes by the one and only Ganandorf. He took hold of it out of mockery of the chosen one’s power! Link, you can’t let him get away with that!”

Link’s eyes grew even fiercer then before. They were filled with the urge to kill and just in time. Ahead a big and tall dark silhouette appeared. Its shadow three times Link’s size. The shadow against the flames moved forward into the burning light. It was none other than Ganandorf! The foulest beast that walked the face of the world. He was consumed with darkness and shadow. He was filled with evil and hate. His hair was the very fires of hell, his skin as grim as death itself. His clothes more menacing then the Grim Reaper’s and his sword more deadlier then any predator from the underworld. His laugh was malicious, wicked, filled with vile. Which was all that summed up his wretched heart.

At the sight of the villain, Link held true to his sword and went into his confident bold stance, ready to fight.

“Listen!” Navi suddenly exclaimed. Link paused for a moment. He didn’t know what Navi was talking about but that’s when he heard it. The humming lullaby of Princess Zelda. “Link, it’s the Princess! Ganandorf must be keeping her locked up somewhere. You have to save her!”

Link could hear the humming voice of the Princess far off into the distance. Past, Ganandorf, toward the direction of Hyrule Castle. Link scowled at Ganandorf. His jaw tightened and so did his hands around his sword and shield. Even though the kingdom lied in ruins, there was still a chance to save Princess Zelda. He could still save her if he could only get past the evil and wretched Ganandorf. Ganandorf seemed to read Link’s mind and he walked ever closer to the boy. He tilted his great sword up and pointed it at Link, daring him to fight. Challenging him to a dual to the death.

This was it. Kill the villain and save the princess. That sounded simple enough. Don’t get scorched to death in the process.

Link took in a deep breath. Ganandorf waited. His expression in a constant smirk. Overconfident…Cocky. Link braced himself, and then he lunged forward with speed as fast as lightning, swinging down his sword with a powerful strike to the torso.

The author's comments:
This is a made up scene I did based off the Legend of Zelda games. Enjoy!

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