The History of Norwegian Fertilizer

February 17, 2012
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One relatively calm day at the Burrow, Fred and George, having given up making joke items for the day, and decided to prank Percy. However, the way that they came across the idea was rather crass and unprecedented.

"Oi, George!" Fred called, having just read an old letter from Charlie. He had been sitting on his floor, cleaning from out underneath his bed for ideas, when he had come across the aged corespondence.

"Yes, my devilishly handsome twin?" said George, lazily hanging upside down from their dresser. It now occured to Fred that he looked rather like a monkey.

"Get down from there and come look at this!" Fred said, motioning him over excitedly.

"Why? Can't you just read it to me?" George asked, pouting. Fred rolled his eyes and agreed.

" Dear Fred and George,

I saw something at the reserve today that I thought might amuse you, so I put it in a letter for you to read." Fred began, smiling in recollection. This had been one of their most favorite letters of all time, and considering all the letters the family received from their Aunt Muriel when she was having a bad day or such, that was saying something. Everyone loved to hear that Aunt Muriel could die at any moment (although mum and dad tried to not show joy), even if she was just exaggerating and they had given up the hope long ago.

"Ah yes! I remember this one;" George said, chuckling, "dragon diarrhea."

"Yesterday at the reserve," Fred began again, and started to snigger with prepossessing glee. "we came across a very strange case amongst the Ukranian Ironbellies. According to the warden, they'd all got some wonky dragon-version of indigestion and what came in one end went straight out the other. In other events, the keeper's hair caught fire after he got a face-full of it and another dragon decided to have a fun time making him the appetizer for yet another wasted meal." Fred put down the paper while grinning. They had to get some of this stuff.

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