Far Away

February 17, 2012
By Mary Sawyer PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Mary Sawyer PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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Tonks looked down on Teddy and Victoire in Platform 9 3/4 from above and sighed. It made her heart ache to know that she would never be to her son's wedding, engagement party, or anything else like that. She'd already had to stand not being there when he was growing up, but now...it just sort of brought the concept home. Suddenly, she felt Remus sidle up next to her and look affectedly over the edge. No words needed to be said, so they weren't. And silently, she knew that he was crying too. She was now wondering how Lily did it; the whole I'm-dead-and-I-have-to-watch-my-child-grow-up thing. How did she refrain from crying every other second? How did she avoid bemoaning her death? How, how, how? And so, instead of whining about it to her own unresponsive mind, she went to ask. However, when Tonks finally found Lily, she seemed to know just by looking at her tear-stained face and stricken expression.

"You don't. You can never stop regretting it, and you never will. It's just one of those things." Lily said, her usually bright green eyes becoming dull with surpressed emotion. Her words may not have told Tonks much...but her expression did. Lily was slowly accepting it; it was all she could do. This made Tonks cry even harder...all that time lost...

"It's never going to be completely aright, but...we're all going to end up here someday. After they've lived their own lives...they'll always come back." Lily said, giving Tonks a small, yet hopeful smile. And suddenly Tonk felt...not necessarily better, but...at peace. Tonks gave a slow nod to Lily and went back to Remus. He looked up questioningly when she sat down again, but instead of answering his glance, she only buried her head in his sweater. Some things, no matter how at peace you were with them, you still needed to share with someone else. And so she did.

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