A Destiny to Fulfill

February 7, 2012
By ShenanigansAndMalarkey PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
ShenanigansAndMalarkey PLATINUM, Arvada, Colorado
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I stashed the green light saber in my bag, Master Vader could never know, I pulled all my hair up into a pony tail, I smoothed out the solid black robes I was told to wear. I read over the letter Luke had left with Master Yoda, my true master. I took a deep breath and attached the red light saber to my belt. I left my room and headed towards the throne room. I passed all the Storm Troopers along the way; they had the worst aim ever. One of them stopped me and pulled off his helmet, he smiled at me.
“Where ya headed, Girlie?”
“To train with Lord Vader, Sir.”
“I’ve told you not to call me ‘Sir’”
“I’m aware of this. You irritate me.” I stared him down until he put the helmet back on and left. I was so glad I could get him to go away. I sighed and continued on, to see Vader.

I finally made it to the throne room, and I had to stifle my gasp. He had Leia held prisoner, I knew Luke and Han were going to show up soon. Lord Vader turned around and I dropped to one knee and lowered my head in a bow, Leia pretended to be surprised that Vader had and apprentice, when in reality she was the one that suggested the plan to the Jedi council.
“I see we have a guest, my Lord.” I smirked at Leia.
“Yes we do, my young Padawan.” Leia shuddered.
“You’re both the Darkside! She is not a Padawan!” Leia shouted.
“Silence foolish girl!” Vader shouted throwing her against a wall with the force. I winced, but she got up with a determined look on his face.
“I was once a Padawan, Child!” Vader shouted in his raspy robot like voice. Leia was shocked, however I was not. I knew his story and how he lost the love of his life, Padme, because of his children. I was staring at what was left of Anakin Skywalker screaming at his own daughter, even though neither was aware of it.
“Valkryie, please take our guest to her room.”
I dropped back to my knee and bowed my head, “Yes, Lord Vader.”
I rose back to my feet and grabbed Leia by her arm. I led her towards the door.
“Oh, and Valkryie?”
“Yes, My Lord?”
“Stay there with her. We will have visitors coming to aid her escape. If any of them try to leave, kill them. Except Luke. I’ll except you to bring him to me.”
“Yes, Lord Vader.”

“Leia,” I whispered to her. “You know I’ll have to take Luke to him. But I’ll let you and Han go free. I have this effect on the Troopers, being the only female around.”
“Alright,” she whispered back. “But what will he do to Luke?”
“Well, he’ll most likely try to make him join the Darkside and probably tell him that he’s Luke’s father.”
Leia gasped, “Are you sure? How is it possible?”
“He’s really Anakin Skywalker.”
“Oh my.” We walked in silence ‘till we reached the cell. I heard blaster guns in the distance. I pulled one out of my boot to help protect ourselves.
“Oh Leia one last thing.”
“What is it?” the sounds of blaster guns grew closer. I knew Luke and Han were nearing. I opened the cell and shoved Leia inside.
“Luke’s your brother.” I shut the door to the cell and ran for it.

I met up with a Trooper whose mind was under my Jedi mind tricks. I told him to take me to Master Yoda, I needed to get off of the Death Star. The troopers along the way were told to tell Lord Vader that Han Solo had kidnapped me off the Death Star. I love being a Jedi.

When we made it to the Dagobah system I told my stolen trooper where to go and where to land. After landing I promptly knocked the Trooper unconscious and climbed out of the TIE Fighter. I ran to Yoda’s hut.
“Master Yoda!” I shouted for him.
“Coming, coming I am, Iris!” Yoda responded. I sighed with relief, I was sick of responding to Valkryie. It was an alias I chose to become Vader’s apprentice and a spy for the Jedi council.
“Master, I kidnapped a Stormtrooper.” I looked down a bit ashamed.
“Wonderful that is! You here what brings, young Padawan, hmm? Yes, hmmm.”
“To seek your help Master! I may need to rescue Luke. Vader plans on telling him that he’s really Anakin!”
“Oh dear! Defeat Darth Vader, you must. Catch him by surprise. To Leia as well does he know of his relation, hmm?”
“Not that I’m aware of Master. But I did tell Leia that Luke is her brother. Han Solo, Chewbacca and the droids are there as well. I feel as if they will have a battle. Luke and Anakin.”
“Will, they probably will, my Padawan. An idea where it may happen, have I. A tunnel through the death star must you follow. There, find Luke, you will. To catch Luke have Solo fly the Millennium Falcon into the tunnel.”
“What about Anakin?”
“Have to kill him, you will, young one. Please, no longer Anakin Skywalker, he is. More machine than man now, is he. Darth Vader and has no love for anyone, is he. Anakin loved Padme deeply. But his hate he gave into. And the Sith lord you train under today, he now is. Yes, hmmm.”
“I have to kill Darth Vader? But, Master Yoda! I cannot kill someone. I belong to the Light side of the force, with Luke! I could never kill him!”
“Had to kill, even sometimes the greatest of Jedi have when necessary. Necessary, it now is.”
“Yes Master Yoda.”
“Now go. Destiny to fulfill, you have, young Padawan.”
“Goodbye Master Yoda.” I got up and climbed back into the TIE fighter with the still unresponsive Stormtrooper. I moved him out of the pilot seat and started my journey back to the Death Star to fulfill my destiny. I had to kill Darth Vader.

The author's comments:
Star Wars fan fiction. I had a snow day and wanted to watch Star Wars but I couldn't, so I wrote a fan fiction.

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