Three Little Miracles - Chapter 4

December 14, 2011
By JacesFutureWife SILVER, Winder, Georgia
JacesFutureWife SILVER, Winder, Georgia
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"So are we still on for Friday? I already have everything in order." I told Alice, switching the phone to my other ear that way I could finish scrambling the eggs for the girls.

"Yep, everyone is set. You said there was only going to be four people right?" I counted mentally in my head. Isabelle, Me, Alice, and Bella.

"Yep just four. The girls want to go with Jace for some unknown reason, but, hey, if they want to spend time with their dad who am I to stop them." I shrugged even though Alice couldn't see me as I plated the pancakes and eggs. Alice laughed.

"Beats me! Oh! I have to go! My boss is coming and he will be all over me if he catches me on a personal call!" I snorted. Alice and I decided that since Isabelle and Bella haven't met we should have a girl weekend this weekend while Jace, Edward, Jasper, and Edward brother had a boys weekend. Which is why couldn't fathom the fact that the girls wanted to go stay with the guys, but once they heard the words four wheeler and trail they ran to Jace. Traitors. Everything is already set. Pedicures and Manicures appointments have been made for Saturday and Jace has already told me to relax completely and if I saw anything I wanted this weekend to get it. I squealed and gave him a kiss for that because, really, you don't hear your husband say something like that and not squeal and give him a kiss.

"Bye then and see you Friday!" I hung up and placed my phone on the counter. "Girls!" I hollered putting their plates on the table. "Come on! Breakfast!" I heard the foot falls on the hardwood and soon enough they were standing in the doorway to the kitchen. As if on cue they ran to their seats and dug in to their food without even being asked. I loaded the dishwasher with the dishes I used to cook and their dishes before leading them all up to the bathroom. They whined all the way through the bath, but one threat from me about not getting to go with Jace on Friday shut them right up.

I dressed them all in jeans, shirts, hoodies, and sneakers before sending them to their rooms that way I could shower and get ready. I dressed in some jean khakis, a blue polo shirt, a jean jacket over that, and my gladiator sandals. After brushing my teeth, hair, and putting my make up on I rounded up the girls, diaper bags, my purse, and car keys and we were gone from the house.

"Where we going mommy?" Elizabeth asked from her place in her car seat from the backseat toying with her hoodie string.

"It's a surprise." I whispered playfully making her giggle. I made a stop by Dairy Queen and got Jace's favorite breakfast to have: chicken biscuit, two hash browns, and a large coke. He hadn't gotten a chance to eat breakfast because he woke up late so he had texted me to bring him something claiming that he couldn't wait until lunchtime to eat. I had rolled my eyes at that. Of course he couldn't. Men I thought with a shake of my head. When we pulled into the parking lot to the construction site I left the car running and only got Elizabeth out since the other two had fallen back asleep. I made sure the doors were locked before heading off toward the site. I stood up on my tip toes and tired to see Jace through all the men that were here.

I finally spotted him standing in front a white double wide trailer holding up a blueprint in front of him. He seemed to be talking the man beside him, pointing out places on the print every 0nce in a while. I made sure I had a good hold on Elizabeth before trudging my way through the crowd.

"Here." I swung the food at him and got him on the shoulder. He spun around to obviously yell at whoever hit him, but he smiled when he saw it was me.

"Hey baby." He leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and stole the bag of food from my hand. I laughed at his eagerness to get his food.

"You're welcome." Elizabeth spoke up then and looked all kinds of adorable with her little hand on her hip and her eyebrow rose.

"What do you say daddy?" She lightly scolded him. He smiled, letting all the un-chewed food in his mouth show in all its glory. I grimaced. Sometimes that man was just plain disgusting. Elizabeth shrieked.

"DADDY! Have some manners." Her lips slipped into a pout. Jace swallowed and leaned down to peck her pouty lips. When he stood back up Elizabeth went with him.

"Sorry Elizabeth." He smiled a small smile and gave Elizabeth a little tickle making her giggle and smile.

"It OK." She sighed dramatically as he set her down on the ground beside me. Oh my… She has been spending way too much time with Mackenzie. I am almost positive that girl is going to do something with acting when she gets older. In fact, I'd bet on it. I stood up on my tip toes and gave him a swift peck on the cheek before grabbing Elizabeth's hand.

"See you at home." He smiled and waved as Elizabeth and I piled us back inside the car. I looked back in my rearview mirror. Mackenzie and Alyssa were still fast asleep while Elizabeth was looking out the window almost asleep herself. I sighed and relaxed back into my seat as I drove down the road that would always lead me where I want to be.




"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Clary chewed on her bottom lip nervously. I sighed as I loaded the last bag into my truck and shut the door. I brought her into the circle of my arms.

"It will be fine. I will be watching them the whole time." I kissed her head.

"Stop worrying and just have fun with the girls." She nodded slowly and gave me a smile. I returned it before giving her one last kiss and jumping up into my truck. I waved until I couldn't see her no more. I leaned back into the seat and nudged the radio up some.

"Daddy?" Alyssa asked. I 'hummed'.

"Who goanna be there?" I glanced at her. She had her eyes trained on the T.V. that was currently playing Season 1 of SpongeBob.

"Us, Jasper, Edward, and Edward's brother." Alyssa got a nervous look on her face at the mention of Edward's brother.

"Is he nice?" I shrugged.

"I don't know baby girl. This is my first time meeting him." She nodded and fell quiet so I assumed that she got her answer. The rest of the ride went smoothly and soon we were at Edward's house. The girls struggled with their seatbelts once the caught sight of the huge trampoline in the backyard before I parked the truck. I went around and got the girls out first before grabbing the entire luggage and walking up to the porch, the girls close to my side. I rang the doorbell twice and seconds later Edward appeared at the door in jeans and a plain white t-shirt that showed all his tattoos on display. He grinned wide when he saw us.

"Hey you guys! Come on in!" He ushered us inside and took my bag from me. I saw Alyssa walk cautiously over to Edward and tug on his pants leg. Even though Alyssa had seen him on many different occasions she was still a little wary of him. He smiled at her and knelt down so he could be at her level.

"Yes?" He drawled making her giggle.

"Can we go play on tampoleline?" She had a little trouble saying trampoline, but Edward got the message. I was a little surprised that she asked that. She had never been one to be the center of attention. Mackenzie? Yes. Alyssa? No. Elizabeth was neutral. She didn't have a problem being the center of attention, but she preferred to be left alone. He nodded and jerked his head towards the backyard.

"You bet." He glanced at the clock on the cable box then back to Alyssa. "Can you wait a few minutes? Masen is about to get up from his nap and I know he would love to play with you." Alyssa turned a little pink and nodded. I am pretty sure I am missing something. She ran off to watch the show on T.V. and Mackenzie and Elizabeth followed her lead. I walked over to Edward and nudged him.

"What is that?" His face was too innocent.

"What?" I rolled my eyes and shoved him a little.

"That blush." Edward smirked and shook his head.

"Oh that? Alyssa and Masen like each other." He shrugged carelessly. I looked at him in disbelief.

"They what?" I gritted out. Edward rolled his eyes and walked over to take a seat on the couch. I followed behind and took a seat beside him.

"It's no big deal Jace. Just chill OK?" He shrugged and I looked at him with wide eyes.

"It is a huge deal!" I blew out a big breath and slumped down in my seat. Edward smiled at me.

"Don't worry Jace. My son can control himself." Edward snickered and I slugged him in the arm. I felt some satisfaction that he winced a little at my hit.

"It's not that I am worried. She is only one and a half years old! What happens when she is sixteen?" I asked horrified at what lay in store for me. "Oh God!" I buried my head on my hands and shook it back and forth. This was bad, real bad. Edward clapped a hand on my shoulder trying to hold back his laughter.

"It will be OK Jace I promise… We'll get through this." He started to fake cry and Elizabeth gasped and ran over to us. Edward peeked up at her form where he was "crying" on my shoulder. She laid a small hand on his cheek.

"You OK Edard?" She asked softly leaning forward to peck him on the cheek. A smile tugged at his lips, but he forced it back.

"I think so." He sniffled and I couldn't hold back the snort of amusement that slipped out. This man was good. I could only imagine how he got his way with this. Elizabeth eyes narrowed in anger and she turned to face me.

"Daddy!" My eyes widened fractionally at her loud tone. This was a side of her I had never seen. "Have some respect!" She scolded me. Then she flipped all the hair she had and sauntered back to her place in front of the T.V. I blinked rapidly. Did that really just happen? Edward burst out laughing next to me so hard he fell off the couch and into the floor.

"Oh- my- God." He gasped as he controlled himself. "That was the funniest thing I have ever seen. You should have seen your face!" That set him off again and I scowled.

"I am glad I amuse you." He couldn't respond if he wanted too because he could hardly breathe he was laughing so hard.

"Do we need to give you two a moment?" An amused voice sounded from the doorway. I looked up to see the whole doorway being occupied by a hulking figure. This guy is bulging with muscles with brown twinkling eyes, tight curled brown, and a wide grin on his face. I smiled at him and gave Edward a big shove.

"What?" He looked confused and I pointed a finger at the big form in the doorway. Edward looked over and winked at him.

"Hey Em. How goes it?" The big man, who I assumed to be Emmett, rolled his eyes.

"Get up you idiot." Oh yes, he seemed so nice to talk to. Edward pulled himself up on the couch and managed to stop laughing.

"Always good to see you Emmett and where, per say, is Jasper?" He spoke formally to Emmett which made me smile when Emmett snorted.

"He is getting the stuff yo!" Emmett struck some lame gangster move and I lost it. I knew Emmett and I were going to be getting along just fine. Emmett trained his eyes on me and walked over to take a seat beside me.

"Emmett and I assume your Jace." He stuck his hand out and I gripped it.

"Good to meet you man." I let go of his hand and watched as he threw himself in the recliner that sat beside the sofa. Edward threw himself back down too.

"Now what exactly where you two pansies laughing about before me and my greatness walked ourselves in?" I gapped and Edward snorted. Never, and I mean never, have I ever heard that word in my life. Does anyone else even say that? If they do I need to meet them ASAP.

"You don't even want to know." Edward hadn't even talked about it, but I could see the amusement leaking through face. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Why are you so big?" I looked over to see Mackenzie looking at Emmett curiously. I snickered when I saw Emmett flex his muscles playfully.

"Because sweetheart. Don't you know that everything on me is big?" Both mine and Edward's eyes widened at Emmett's innuendo. Edward reached over and chucked a pillow at him. It hit him dead in the head.

"Have some manners you oaf." Edward hissed at him and Emmett rolled his eyes completely unaffected by Edward's anger.

"She is only one and half. You realize this don't you?" Emmett shook his head in a 'yes, I know that' way.

"Of course I do which is why I said it." He had a 'duh' look on his face and I laughed. Edward sighed defeated. He looked like Mackenzie when she was explaining to me why she need another toy. A loud bang and a mumbled curse from the doorway caused everyone to look that way. There stood Jasper with luggage piled around him and an irritated expression on his face that he was aiming at Emmett.

"Gee Em! Thanks for all your help!" Jasper spat sarcastically. Jasper glared harder when Emmett sent a little wave to him and relaxed back. I shook my head and went over and took some of the luggage from Jasper. He heaved a sigh and rotated his shoulder.

"Thanks man!" He said to me and then to everyone else, OK, now that's done!" Jasper said happily and sat on an empty spot on the couch. I sat the luggage down before joining them.

"So, what is the first thing on the list?" Jasper asked still rubbing his shoulder. Were they that heavy? Edward leaned foreword on the couch.

"Well, first we put everybody's things in their room, then we eat. By then it will be dark and we can go to bed. Tomorrow around 9:00 we'll head out onto the trail and ride the four wheelers. After that we are going to grab some lunch and probably swim the rest of the day." Edward smiled and leaned back looking quite satisfied in himself.

"Wow, who planned all this?" Emmett asked flipping to a football game on T.V. Edward grinned sheepishly.

"Bella." That caused all of us to laugh. I stood and stretched.

"What room am I in?" I asked Edward. Edward stood and went over, picking up half of our bags. He craned his neck up the stairs.

"Follow me and I'll show you." Our room turned out to be right next to ours. Edward and I threw the stuff on the bed and the girls threw themselves on it. I smiled when Alyssa had some trouble and went over to help her. Edward waved a hand around the room from the doorway.

"Feel free to take some showers and stuff. I am going to go make some sandwiches and stuff. Just come on down when you guys are ready." He sent me a quick smile then ran down the stairs and when he hit the bottom I heard Emmett let out a low oath and threaten Edward. I smiled before turning to the girls who had made themselves by jumping up and down on the bed. I smirked and shook my head. I watched as Mackenzie fell down on her bottom and her giggles filled them room. I smiled and felt my heart swell in my chest. Sometimes it is hard to imagine these three angels are mine. Walking over I put two fingers in my mouth and whistled. They let themselves drop on their bottoms and gave me all their attention.

"Here's the deal. I need you three to get dressed for bed while I jump in the shower. Think you can handle that?" I raised my eyebrow at them. Alyssa nodded and calmly, Mackenzie gave me a thumbs up, and Elizabeth shrugged. I nodded and grabbed some night clothes from my bag and some for them too. I gave each girl their set. I pointed to the bathroom.

"Go use the bathroom if you have too because once I get in the shower you are going to have to wait." Elizabeth went but the other two stayed behind and dressed in their Pjs. When Elizabeth came back I ran quickly to the shower and jumped in once the water was nice and hot. I went kind of slowly in the shower, letting my skin get wrinkly before I got out in dried off. I put on some boxer, a pair of basketball shorts, and a white tee shirt before exiting in back to the bedroom. Elizabeth, Mackenzie, and Alyssa weren't downstairs. Downstairs all the lights had been turned off and everyone was piled in the living room with blankets and big pillows thrown all around. Big bowls of popcorn and coke lay around everywhere so that anyone could grab some.

I walked over and sat down beside Edward who already looked like he was half asleep. Alyssa crawled over and curled up to my left side and Elizabeth curled up near my right. I spotted Mackenzie asleep on Emmett's shoulder and he passed out too. Jasper was watching the movie and when I looked back over at Edward he had already fallen asleep. I shook my head and hugged my girls closer. By the time the movie was done I was fast asleep along with the rest.

The author's comments:
This chapter is great and not just because I wrote it! ;) It's because... Oh! Just read it and you'll understand! Don't forget to tell me what you think at the bottom!

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