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He's Not Real

“It’s Christmas time.” Derek Morgan grinned. Sure he may be an FBI agent but he and the rest of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) liked to indulge a bit. That and they were one of the few branches in the FBI that were assured vacation during the holidays, just because they track serial killers, and a holiday serial killer only comes once every blue moon. “So Pretty Boy,” he smiled down at Spencer Reid as he sat down on his desk, “You plan on waiting up for Santa with me.”

“Derek I think we’re both old enough to agree that Santa isn’t real.”

“Wait, wait, wait, time out,” Derek made a T symbol with his hands, “You Spencer Reid believer of magic and all thing mystical, don’t believe in Santa?”

“I believe in illusions and tricks of the mind. Wait, you believe in Santa?” Reid raised a brow. He and Derek had started dating almost a year ago now and event though they knew each other before hand it was like he learned something new about him everyday.

“I wouldn’t say believe but, were else do all the presents come from?” Derek deafened.

“Wow. Derek, really?”

“What are you guys taking about?” J.J asked prancing over, a cup of coffee in hand.

“Derek thinks that Santa Clause is real.” Spencer said simply as if he didn’t believe it himself.

“Are you serious, Derek, or are you just saying thing to pluck at Spencer’s nerves?”

“It’s possible.” Derek huffed.

“How is it possible?” Reid quirked a brow, “How is it possible for a fat man to ride around on a sleigh with flying reindeer and somehow mange to bring all the children presents before morning?”

“You have to keep in mind that there are different time zones, and he only delivers present to kids who are good, so his load probably gets lighter every year. Besides not all cultures celebrate Christmas, Spencer, you would think a genius like you would know something like that.”

“Derek, the fact that you even mentioned magical flying reindeer, just renders your whole argument pointless.”


Penelope Garcia, the BAU’s technical annalist, decided that this year the annual Christmas party would be held at her house. Derek stopped by early to help set up. “Why are you so caught up in making him believe in Santa?” Garcia asked, referring to the small disagreement that she had heard that they had in the office. “It’s not that big of a deal if he doesn’t.”

“I just want him to admit that it’s possible.”

“But it’s not possible.”

“If you believe than anything is possible.” Derek smiled.

“We’re not five year old anymore Derek. Besides, Spencer was forced to grow up faster then most kids, and he’s a genius. He’s not going to believe something without probable cause.”

The party was in full swing. Their boss, Aaron Hotch, brought his little boy, Jack and J.J had brought Henry, her son. Will, J.J’s husband was there as well. Garcia had also hired, err… threatened, her boy friend, Kevin, to dress up as Santa for Jack and Henry.

“It’s just wrong to pollute young minds like this.” Spencer whispered shaking his head. “What are you going to do when they get old enough to start asking questions about…”

“Stop being so negative,” Derek sighed, “Or do I have to drag you back under the mistletoe again.”

Spencer just rolled his eyes, “I’m just saying.”

“What do you have against him anyway, I mean you love Halloween but when ever Christmas time comes you tend to shut down.”

“Don’t profile me.”

“I’m trying not to but you’re not talking either.”

“It’s getting late.” Spencer said glancing at his watch, “You want to head home.”

“Sure.” Derek yawned. “Penny were heading out.” He called as they made there way to the door.” They walked in silence, a bit of tension in the air. Spencer walking a little fasted than need be. “Can’t wait to see if Santa left you something.” Derek joked.”

“Will you quit it already with the Santa stuff!” Reid yelled, taking Derek back, he wasn’t expecting that kind of a reaction. “He doesn’t exist!”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I get the point.”

“No you don’t. You don’t get it.”


“You don’t know what’s it’s like to have your mom have a psychiatric break from Christmas Eve to new years day. And you think it’s going to be alright because you asked that fat blimp to bring a cure for your mom illness, and for your dad to back. But you know what, it never happens!”

“Spence…?” Derek moved to wrap his arms around him. He remembered that Spencer’s mom was a paranoid schizophrenic, and that she had breaks from reality that caused Spencer’s dad to leave when he was a kid, but he had never heard this story before.

“Don’t,” Spencer moved away, “let’s just go home, he sighed.


“I shouldn’t have blown up at you.” Spencer said. They were sitting on the couch Clooney, Derek’s dog, stretched out on both their laps. “You didn’t know and you weren’t trying to upset me.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” Derek pulled him closer, mindful of the dog.

“I still feel bad about it.” He glanced at Derek, then at the clock behind Derek’s head, you know we have like two minutes till its Christmas morning, we could always just open our presents now.”

“No we have to wait pretty boy.”

“Someone might call, and then we won’t get to open them for days.”

“What are the odds of that happening?” The moment he said that both there phones went off.

“Told you,” Reid sighed looking at the clock as the both answered their phones and sure enough they had a case, and it was officially Christmas.

“It could be worse.” Derek gave a sheepish smile.

Reid just shook his head, “Merry Christmas Derek.”

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