Soul Eater Advance Ep.1

October 26, 2011

I start out a normal day. I took a shower and got really for school. My older sister, Jen, had made breakfast as usual. We hadn't seen are parent for three year. No trace of them. We assume they died. We went to school as always. I heard my name "MARO!!!" Yelled someone from behind. "Well what do you know it Nova Star. I hadn't seen him since yesterday." Jen blushed when Nova Star came. "The Shinigami want us to see him." We thought we in trouble. So we walk together. A green blob came out of Maro back and took a form for green little dragon. The dragon said "good morning Maro, Jen, Nova Star. Good morning Draco." All three had said. We were in front the Shinigami door. Jen and Nova Star scare as hell. Maro gave them a reason why they not in trouble. "We haven't done anything wrong since Sunday through today." That calmed them down. I open the door and walked. The Shinigami was there with his daughter, Clara. Clara and Maro had always fought because one time Clara thought Maro had took off bra while hugging. Maro said he never did. They still good friend just never hugged. The Shinigami said "good morning children. I have an important thing for all four of you. There been a problem in the real world. There been people missing each day as you know. But one place has been trapped. I want you four to go and see what happening. That all." The group was surprised. They never work as team before. "I have a question." Maro said. "Where is this place?" "Europe, France." "And how do we get there, I mean it our first mission. I'll create a portal here where you go on mission." They were ready. "Ok here you go." All of them walked to the portal. Now they were in France on a roof top. "Better to search around France but let think of a plan first." Two hour had past. "So we know this evil monster is keeping people in here to eat there soul and come at night so we could attack with full force together (Clara said). Just one problem (Maro said) what are we going till dusk come. We'll going all around France for clues." Everybody agreed to the plan except Draco. Draco said "I'm hungry, can we eat first." True to be told everybody was hungry so they ate at a fancy restaurant. Night came quick. They were alerted. Anything could happen, and then they heard screaming from the east side the city. "I guess is that way." Then there was another screaming from the west part of the city. "I guess we split up, Nova star and Jen, you'll take west and me and Maro take the east.
East Side
Jen had transformed to knife form to follow easy. When they got there was three monsters were tried to kill a little girl. "(Nova star you got to help her.) No worry I'm the son of Black Star the man that surpassed a god. A sweat drop sweated off of Jen head. Jen transformed to swords mode. Nova Star slashes all three monsters and took their soul.
West Side
Clara and Maro search for the monster. The screaming came closer and closer. Then all came to a stop. A weird light came for the street. A car came. The fiendish look people cover in blood came out of the car. The boss said "Ooh, fresh meat. So you're the one who trapped the city. Yeah, so what. Than die. Maro transformed to scythe mode. Clara slashed the boss. The Boss easily dodged and slugged Clara. Clara quickly got up and sliced off the boss arm. The boss other arm grow two time big and sharper. Clara tried sliced the boss but was quick. The boss use it big claw to stab Clara in the the sides and crashed down. "Clara, are you ok? Yes but I can't get up, just leave me here to die, go." There was a dead silence. Then the boss said "this is ok but I'm going take your soul, little girl." The boss ran quick to Clara and prepares to kill her. Maro transform back to normal and his hand turn to his dragon gun and shot the boss. The boss collapse back. "I won't let you kill her." Maro shot the boss repeat until red soul appeared. Maro carried Clara back to death city and happily completed the mission.
Somewhere in France
"THEY LEFT WITHOUT US!! THOSE JERKS!!" said Nova Star. Jen just enjoy the rest of trip with Nova star. Shinigami created a ported to Jen and Nova Star so they stopped get lost. Everything end well.

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