A Golden Leaf, A Golden Memory

September 23, 2011
A stray beam of orange light filters through the condensed golden leaves that clung to the branches of the trees. Stray breezes tickles her neck, just like on any other sunrise. The fair-haired Elven lady wraps her pale white cloak securely around her tall, sleek frame.
Her sapient eyes watch intently as a single leaf is swept off of one of the ancient mallorn-trees. Bright yellow sparkles appear whenever its vibrant side is facing the rising sun.
Slowly it descends, swaying gracefully in the air. A smooth and pale hand reaches out, and the fallen memento of the tree lands peacefully on her hand.
"Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall," spoke a familiar and comforting voice.
"Such beauty and serenity she has tended to us with", says the first Elf into the solemn and quietness of the forest. "And yet now we abandon it to the torment of mortals"
The elven man delicately strokes the leaf lying lifelessly in her hand, then says, “The forest would suffer drastically more, if its beloved occupants suffered in its shade"
Carefully, he picked the leaf up, and positioned it on the perk of his wife's ear, then kissed it. The elegant immortal looked up with wistful eyes.
"Come Galadriel, Elrond waits for us by the sea. We must resume our place in the front of the march", said Celeborn. Her gaze wavered over to where a string of Galadhrim Elves walked smoothly over the ground. Leaves sprinkled lightly onto their heads, saying their goodbyes.
Galadriel took one last glance at her home, her garden, her forest.
"Much that once was...is lost. Farewell Lorien, may you once again find your golden beauty in the days to come. You shine almost as brilliantly as the tree Laurelin. And to her grave in the lands of the Valar I go" her toughness dwindled throughout the speech, and by the end she was sobbing against Lord Celeborns' shoulder.
"All will be better in the West. Lothlorien will be but a distant and pleasant memory" he whispered soothingly. And with that, Galadriel lead her people to the ships that would take them to Valinor. Soon she would return to the West, and truly feel her Noldor heritage again. Lothlorien would fade, but peacefully and with the dignity and fairness of the Elves.

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