For You? I'll Be There

August 5, 2011
By taraloveswriting BRONZE, Watchung, New Jersey
taraloveswriting BRONZE, Watchung, New Jersey
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{Three Years Earlier}

Alexandra's P.O.V

There I sat, in my bright blue bedroom, on the soft carpeting, crying my heart out. I was only twelve when my mother, Joan, filed for divorce. Today was the day my father was being forced out of my house, due to my mother filing various charges against him. The loud, back and fourth screaming downstairs echoed through my mind, leaving my head throbbing.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I stood up, my legs shaking underneath me. I made my way over to my bedroom window, climbing out of it. I took my phone with me, and I texted my bestfriend, Justin. ; be there in a minute. I need you.

Justin was my neighbor, and had been my bestfriend since the first grade. I walked over to his house, shuffling up the stairs, knocking on the front door lightly. Soon enough, he opened it, and frowned, tears streaming down my flushed face. His opened up his muscular arms, pulling me into a hug. He brought me inside, and I had nothing to say, he knew everything. He was my bestfriend, and I trusted him with my whole entire life. We walked into the living room, and I sat down on the couch, resting my heat on the armrest, and I wiped away my tears. The last words I remembered coming out of his mouth, lasted in my heart forever, "Alexandra, For you? I'll be there. Always."

{End of Flashback}

Justin's P.O.V

Alex was coming over today. I was going to ask her to come on tour with me. If she couldnt come, I'd die. I've been planning this for over three years, ever since her parents got divorced. All of a sudden, I heard a soft knocking on my door. I hopped off of my bed, trampling down the stairs, unlocking the latch on my front door. I pulled her into a huge hug. "Alex!" I shouted softly, not wanting to burst her eardrums.

She smiled at me, as did I, "Justin!" She shouted in the same tone of voice. I kissed her on the cheek in a friendly way, alllowing her inside.

I took a deep breath and smiled at her, "Alex, I have huge news." I explained, beginning to tell her.

She waited for a response, a worried look on her face. "Come on tour with me?" I asked, extremely hopeful. SHe nodded, happy, a smile planted across her face. I pulled her into another hug, this one tighter, though. My bestfriend was coming on tour with me. This was the life.


The author's comments:
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I hope that people enjoy this love story about two bestfriends who grow feelings for eachother.

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