Becoming Famous Changes a Person (Logan Lerman Oneshot)

July 14, 2011
By angelwings14 GOLD, Toledo, Ohio
angelwings14 GOLD, Toledo, Ohio
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5 years ago

A 5 year old girl in pigtails with Carmel brown hair and green eyes was making a sandcastle when. “Hey shrimp whatch or you doing”? A boy taunted “making a sandcastle want to help me” she asked.”Um no but I do want to do this” the boy replayed than he kicked the sandcastle “hey look I made it better”. The girl was crying silently as she started from scratch. “Hey leave her alone” a 6 year old boy with black hair and blue eyes demanded. “Why should I” the older boy asked. The 6 year old punched him in the eye then the nose “that’s why” he answered the older boy ran. The 6 year old walked to the 5 year old. “You aren’t going to hurt me too are you”? The 5 year old asked. “No I want to be your friend! I’m Logan” the 6 year old laughed. “I’m Christina but everyone calls me Christy unless I’m in trouble” the 5 year old said. “Cool can I help you build your sandcastle”? Logan asked “yes its boring working on it by myself” Christy said.

10 years later present time

Hey I’m Christy and yeah I was that 5 year old. I’m friends with Logan Lerman we used to hang out every day until 2 years ago.

2 years ago

“I’m moving” Logan said as we sat in our favorite tree. “Ok” I said calmly even though on the inside I was broken. “HOW ARE YOU SO CALM? I’M LEAVING AND I MAY NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN” Logan yelled. I didn’t even flinch. “I’m calm because I don’t want the last sounds you hear from me are sobs. I’m tearing apart in side but I know you’ll keep in touch” I said. “Christy I” Logan started “promise me you’ll keep in touch” I interrupted. “I promise” Logan promised. 2 days later he was gone.

Present Time

He never did keep his promise. His letters, emails, texts, IMs, and phone calls just stopped. The last time I talked to him he told me he was telling me he got the part as Percy Jackson, that was a year ago.*Sign* I hope this interviewer doesn’t ask if those rumors were true. “Christina you ready? The interview starts in 2” the stage manager asked. “Yeah Bob I’m as ready as I’ll ever be” I answered getting up.5 minutes into the interview. “So Christina rumors say that your newest book ‘Becoming Famous Changes A Person” is based on a past friendship is that true” Holly said. “Why yes it is. I was looking through some old scrapbooks when the idea hit me” I answered. “Now one of the main characters names are Logan. Is that the Logan Lerman? Is it true you guys used to be close friends” Holly asked. My manager Ebony was mouthing to me ‘lie’ but I ignored her and told the truth. “Yeah it is but used to be the keyword we no longer speak to each other” I answered sourly. “Why is that” Holly asked. “read the book and find out.*sign* I’ll give you the short version we were friends for 5 years.2 years ago he moved away to star in a movie we kept in touch for a while than a year ago the commutation stopped. I guess when he became famous he got a big head” I signed. “Wow” Holly said “whatever I really don’t want to talk about this” I said torn. “Well guys that’s the end of the show but before we go look under your seats cause you each get a copy of Christina’s new album ‘Unique’ and her new book ‘Becoming Famous Changes A Person’ now here’s her new song ‘forgotten’” Holly announced. They went off air as soon as I sang the last note. “Thank you for letting me is on your show” I said shaking her hand. “Thank you for being on it. And if you need to talk call me. I’m also a therapist” Holly said hugging me. I hugged back then I was dragged away by Ebony. “Do you have any idea what you have done” she hissed as I signed autographs “um talked from the bottom of my heart during an interview for once” I answered then I posed for a picture. “You just made Logan’s career 10Xs harder for him” she said as she also posed for a picture. “Good then he can at least feel some of what I’ve been through” I said signing a girls arm. “You can destroy his career” Ebony said. “Oh please after the Percy Jackson movie I highly doubt it” I snorted I signed a shoe yeah random I know and it smelled too! I got in the car and drowned her out with my I-pod. Some birthday this is turning out to be. When I got to the hotel I rented some movies on Netflix and order some room service. “At least I have you Leroy” I said to my Husky who was curled up next to me on the couch. There was a knock on my door and I opened it. A guy in a suit and a room service hot that covered his eyes and casted a shadow so you couldn’t see his face. “Room service” he said in a deep bell like voice. “Yeah come in” I said Leroy barked and went over to him and started to wag his tail he tried to shoo him away. “Do I know you” I asked “no never met” he said still trying to get rid of Leroy. “Are you sure because my dog only does that to people he knows” I said suspicious. “I just have a way with animals” he said then Leroy did something he only did with Logan and I, he rolled onto his back and turned his head so he was looking at us upside down. My mouth dropped open and I heard him whisper in his normal voice “damn you dog but nice seeing you” then he petted him. I took his hat off “why the hell are you here Lerman”I asked. “It’s your birthday and I finally for once knew where you were Holly told me. And since you changed your number and email I couldn’t reach you anywhere but your home phone where your mom said she kicked you out cause you went behind her back or something stupid like that” Logan answered. “I don’t want you here” I lied “Christy you’re lying I might not have seen you in 2 years but I can still tell” Logan said. “Ok so I’m lying what do you expect Logan YOU LEFT ME!”I screamed finally not able to hold it in. “THEY MADE ME! THEY TOOK AWAY ALL SORT OF COMMOUNATION I HAD TO CONTACT YOU!”Logan yelled “WHY THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT?”I yelled “BECAUSE I MISSED YOU AND WANTED TO GO HOME! THEY SAID YOU WERE A DISTRACTION UNTIL YOU BECAME FAMOUS! THEN THEY WERE ALL FOR IT ONLY SO WE COULD BREAK UP AFTER 2 MONTHS! I COULDN’T DO THAT TO YOU!”Logan yelled. “WH-what”I asked in shock. “DAMMIT CHRISTY! I’M TRYING TO SAY I LOVE YOU AND I’VE BEEN AN IDOIT”! Logan yelled I smiled “I love you too” I said I gave him a huge tight hug and he gave me one back “Happy Birthday” he whispered “it is now a happy one thank you” I whispered back. We curled up on the couch and watched movies with Leroy in between us just like old times.

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on Sep. 26 2017 at 5:20 pm
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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I love this fan fiction! Logan Lerman is one of my all time favorite celebrities. Don't think I don't like the other three actors; but, I do.


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