No More Cliques

June 25, 2011
By Allyivia GOLD, Davenport, Iowa
Allyivia GOLD, Davenport, Iowa
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"First kiss. With who and where" Interviewer
"Well...actually that's how I met Bob" Frank Iero

The army waited in the airplane hanger unnaturally still. The army was huge by Killjoy standards. The Fabulous Four had sent out a plea of help to the older generations of fans in the effort to take over Battery City and release the people from their pill prisons.
My Bullets Era stood in the back wearing jeans and dark tops. Next came the Black Parade Era wearing (you guessed it) Black Parade outfits. And at the very front were the Killjoys dressed as brightly as always, sporting colorful hair styles.
The hanger doors opened to reveal a long expansion of highway with corn fields on either side stretching as far as the eye could see.
When SING came on over the loud speakers all began to march forth, knowing they were no doubt heading towards their inevitable death. Despite answering the call to arms it was still hard to accept. A girl dressed in a Black Parade outfit sniffed as the tears dripped down her cheeks. The heavy eyeliner she had put on made her tears black and leave streaks down her cheeks.
Girl you've got to be what tomorrow needs
A Killjoy man suddenly broke rank and slowed so that he walked beside her, taking hold of the BP girl's hand he gave her at least some comfort. The blond almost white haired girl smiled up at him, admiring his Mohawk and all of it's colorfulness.
"Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls"
He sang loud and clear, his deep voice easily heard over their rhythmic marching.
"Sing it from the heart!"
The Black Parade Era girls, boys, women and men shouted pounding on their chest in time to the beat of the song that still faintly could be heard.
"Sing it till you're nuts"
The Killjoys shouted back going cross-eyed and making jerky body movements as if they were marionettes with their strings being violently jiggled.
"Sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts"
The Bullet Era hissed all of them holding hands, using each other as comfort.
"Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls
Frank hollered from the front as he lead them forward. But all looked to Gerard who walked beside the short man.
"People moving sideways!"
Frank called out and at this everyone, including the Fabulous Four, fell to their knees and threw themselves onto their right side, dodging the spray of bullets that came a second after. The Fabulous Four knew the booby traps that the Dracs had planted in the cornfields and so were able to keep their troops safe.
Or so they thought.
"I'm not the singer that you wanted but a dancer!
I refuse to answer!"
Gerard screamed popping to his feet and taking off at a sprint. Suddenly he was knocked off his feet onto his back. Killjoys and Dark Eras alike screamed and rushed forth to protect their leader from further harm.
Upon seeing the blood that was drizzling out of his chest wound all kneeled down, prepared to wait until he died.
"Keep running"
Gerard stated just before the life snuffed out of his eyes, so quick that it took a moment for all to realize he was dead. A minute passed and in shocking calmness all rose to their feet and clasped hands. In the pandemonium the ranks had broken and so now all were mixed together. No longer were there cliques of Killjoys or BP or My Bullets. Killjoys mixed with BP and MB splotches of color now spread throughout the mourning mass.
"You've got to see what tomorrow brings"
Mikey called out voice cracking a bit on the word "tomorrow" realizing tomorrow would bring him no brother, only sorrow. But he was a tough soldier and would "carry on". As one all began to move forward no longer with military precision.
Today was a day of grieving, tomorrow would be…well tomorrow was gonna be what Battery City needed.

The author's comments:
I was listening guessed it SING! XD
Yes I know the lyrics are repetitive but those lyrics just kept calling to me

Just realized I never mentioned Ray in my final draft of this story oops DX Sorry Ray! You were in the first rough draft.

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