That Girl

June 12, 2011
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I first saw her at the crumbling movie theatre. Out of shock, I had fumbled my movie ticket and she snatched it for me. That's when, our eyes met and my heart knew... she could be the one. Sometimes you just get that certain feeling. She placed my ticket in my hands in exchange for a ring. I was so confused. We hadn't even exchanged names, and before I could ask her what the ring was for, she just walked away. Even though we had only said a few words to each other, I immediately had a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach. I had lost my chance though; one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen, was gone before I could blink.

As I got home from my venture to the theatre with some of my friends, I could not stop thinking about the girl I had met as, I twiddled the ring in my hands. So many questions ran through my head," What was her name, how old was she, what does she do, why couldn't I just get over my stupid nerves to talk to her."

I leaned against the refrigerator door, frazzled, thinking, "That could've been my only chance to see that girl. I may never see her again."

I reached for a frosty beverage and collapsed on my raged recliner, while I flicked on the television, pondering how I could fix this situation. I contemplated numerous scenarios, but after realizing I didn't even know her name, that all these plans would epically fail. I decided to just really try and forget about the gorgeous girl I had met that Friday evening at the movies.

I made a decision to officially try and get over that stunning girl I had saw that night and ask another girl out that I had been talking to. We had a couple of classes together and she's really outgoing. I planned on taking her out to dinner at the local steakhouse.

Later that week, I picked her up in my shiny new black Toyota Camry and drove straight to the steakhouse. Eliminating the muted silence, my date had proclaimed, "I'm so glad you had asked me out, I've really had a great time talking to you in our classes together."

Replying to the flattering remark, I said," Me too, I think we get along great."
As we arrived at the steakhouse, I opened the passenger door, to show my politeness.

Reaching for her black purse, she responded by saying, " Why, thank you, that was so sweet."

"No problem, don't worry about it."

I opened the door to the restaurant, leading my date into the crowded venue, as my jaw dropped. The identical tingling feeling I had in my stomach that one night at the movies returned, as I saw... that girl. I contemplated on what plan of action I should take. "Do I ditch my date? Do I approach this nameless beauty?"

As I waited to put my name in for a table, I thought more about what to do. After being told the wait would be no more than 10 minutes by the hostess, I turned around and froze. There she was... just my luck. Acting calm, cool, and collected, I asked," Aren't you the girl from the movies?"

With a smirk on her face, she responded," Yes I am, I picked up your movie ticket for you."

"Well, well, thanks. I never got your name, I'm K-Kurt."

Before she could introduce herself, an arrogant jock came over and gave her a sloppy kiss. " Babe, come on, our tables ready."

"This is my husband John and I'm Kelly. It was really nice talking to you, but I have to go, maybe I'll see you around sometime," Kelly rush fully said.

As she followed her conceited husband, a slip of paper fell from her hand. I picked it up and before I could return it to her, she was gone. It read: Call Me- 555-4359-1157 and bring the ring. Trying to figure out what was happening, all I could hear coming from her husband was,
" Did you ever find your ring?"

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