Trapped (prologue)

June 22, 2011
By StephD PLATINUM, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
StephD PLATINUM, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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Sometimes I wonder if things would have turned out differently. If fate hadn’t intervened and lead us on our intertwined paths, would we have ever even looked at each other? Or would we have never even looked at each other? It was too late now, I couldn’t go back. I had given up my humanity for love. Wasn’t that what it always came down too? Love? I had jumped into a complicated world that I hadn’t been prepared for and I was living out the consequences of these actions. I never thought I would see the day where I would regret falling in love, but that day had come. I hated love, it was a cruel thing that would never leave me, it will always be a part of me, just as death will always be a part of me. You see, death and love are two things that should never mix. They clash with one another like an angry storm. Death is the thunder that shakes your world and love is the lightening, the passion, that you thrive upon. There are many people who mix love and death together, they all discover the consequences of that mistake are horrible. They eventually have to pay the price for their stupidity, just as I had. I had to give up my humanity for love. The price that I paid was one that many dream about in their nightmares. I had given up my humanity and was now among the living-dead; I was a vampire.
There were things about my human life that I missed terribly. I missed my family and my friends. Most of my friends had died many years ago, the same went for most of my family, all but one. I had a twin brother who I had accidentally dragged into this mess. He too was now an immortal, doomed to roam this earth for all eternity. Everyday that I saw him, it killed me knowing that he could have lived a long and happy life, if not for me. I missed the feeling of uncertainty, the feeling that I had to live each day to the fullest, never knowing which day would be my last, but now I knew that there would always be tomorrow. There would always be another sleepless night that would eventually follow the next sleepless night. I missed the sun. I missed the feeling of the sun’s rays smothering my skin, burning me with its hot touch. I was no longer able to go out into the sun, well I could as long as there were no humans around. If I went out into the sun, I would sparkle and glow. I had no idea who’s idea it was to make us sparkle, but it had to be some kind of sick joke. I could feel the sun, I just couldn’t do it in places that made feeling the sun worthwhile. But most of all I missed my freedom. It had been something that I was forced to forfeit many years ago.
My brother and I had made the mistake of thinking that when you are immortal all the rules have flown out the window. No, we could not have been more wrong. When you are turned, there are a whole new set of rules that are imposed upon you. They impose them on you. By they I am talking about the ruling class in the vampire world. The Volturi. They are vampires who have lived a very long life. They rule the other vampires by imposing fear within their hearts. My brother and I were spared by them when they found us. My maker, the man u had fallen in love with, they had not been so kind too. He was forced to flee, but not before warning me that he would come back for me and that I would always be his forever. The memory of his warning still shook me to the core. That is why I had been so eager to join the Volturi. He would never be able to come near me again if I was with them. So, through the mercy of my master aro, we were welcomed into the Volturi with open arms. We become the prized jewels of their guard. You see, some vampires are given powers that other vampires do not have. My brother has the power to make a person no longer be able to use any of their senses, whereas I can make people feel unbearable pain with my thoughts. The Volturi took us in greedily, knowing that we could make them an even more powerful force that they had been before. But by joining them we had to give up all of the freedom we might have had, pledging to serve Caius, Aro, and Marcus for the rest of eternity. The only other option would be death. So of course we chose to go with serving the Volturi, and we have been ever since.
My new life started in the year 1718. My name is Jane and my twin brothers name is Alec. This is our story.

The author's comments:
This story is inspired by the Twilight Series by Stephenie Myer and this is the prologue of the story.

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on Jul. 26 2011 at 10:26 pm
StephD PLATINUM, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
25 articles 0 photos 11 comments
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