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June 9, 2011
By Peotist BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Peotist BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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“Good mourning, this is Fox 6 and we are going to interview Malik Grissett,” Malik smoothly walks in.
“Hello,” news reporter said while shaking Malik Grissett hand nervously.
“Hello,” Malik said while looking at the news reporter real crazy.
“Malik can you please have this not take to long because I have to go to my daughter’s recital,” News reporter said curiously.
“I make sure I will not,” I answered.
“How old are you?” news reporter questioned
“Old enough to be your daddy’s daddy,” Malik replied.
“I remember when I met Hitler,” I said confidentially. Then Malik tells his story. “It was a cold day on November 27, 1939. Malik walks in and suddenly Hitler yells, ‘Sie wissen nicht,nichts!!!’
I looked at him, like what you say about my mom, but the only word that came out was, ‘What’.
‘Aussteigen!!!!,’ he yelled again in German.
‘I don’t understand,’ I muttered to myself.
‘Radabdeckung!!!!,’ Hitler yelled madly.
‘What are ya'll doing to me I am a grown man,’ I yelled fired up. My story that he told ends.
“Another story was when I was the leader of Thriller; nevertheless, I was kicked out.” I tell my story. It was August 15, 1984 and I was dancing for Michael Jackson song Thriller.
“This is thriller, thriller night,” I sang in my best voice. Terrill looked at me and said,” No no no it is heel toe, step toe!!!”
“Wait who you think you yelling at,” I hollered all the way to Mexico.
“Someone get this kid, before I lose my mind and job.”
I was kicked out and never came back. My story that he told ends.
“Can we please end this now,” he said impatiently.
“Slow down” I said smooth.
I tell another story about the time he had to choose between to doors because he is in love with the king’s daughter.
“Today my daughter lover will choose between doors, love or death,” the king proclaimed.
“You is cold hearted,” I said on the verge of his death.
“Hush you pleasant now pick,” The King proclaimed.

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