Spiders Are Bad

March 22, 2011
By paige.pod BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
paige.pod BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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“MOM THERE’S A SPIDER! MOM THERE’S A SPIDER!” are the most common words that come out of my mouth. Every time I see a spider I scream. I could be in a library, church, or even school, and I wouldn’t care how loud I screamed. If I’m being attacked by a spider, I will scream until someone gets it off of me. Like this morning, I was just about to brush my teeth when I noticed a brown fuzz in my hair. I went to grab it but then it started to move! I started screaming for my mom to come and kill it, flapping my arms around and stomping my feet, when I thought “What if the spider crawls into my mouth?” so then I started screaming with my mouth shut. My mom came running into the bathroom and pinched it out of my hair. I never saw it fall into the sink, so I’m still shaking my head every so often to see if a spider falls out.
Finally, as I was walking out the garage door, I saw another spider on the wall. So I started all over again with my screaming and arm flapping until my mom killed it. That was just one near death experience that I’ve had because of a spider, and it was today. Imagine all of the other times a stupid spider has attacked me! That’s why I’m truly convinced that spiders are out to get me. It’s always me that spiders are after, spring, summer, fall, or winter it doesn’t matter what the season is. Spiders are always out to get me. They have too many eyes, too many legs, and there are just too many of them. I wish spiders had never been discovered. People say that spiders are good for killing other little bugs. WRONG! I would rather live with a bazillion little bugs than just one spider. I hate spiders so much, I don’t even like to step on them. I don’t want them contaminating my shoes, or any other part of my clothing. I especially hate the big hairy spiders that make a ‘crunch’ sound when they are stepped on. I hate the spiders that move quickly when you try and kill them. I hate the little spiders that are so small, that you can barely see them, but you know their there. Spiders are so nasty, that it creeps me out just thinking about them.
Why we need spiders in this world, I have no clue. Personally, I think everyone should start a ban against spiders and kill them all. Spiders do not deserve to walk on this earth with us people. It’s just not civilized. Spiders are terrible creatures that just need to disappear.

The author's comments:
I. hate. spiders.

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