a body i dont know.

March 21, 2011
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Locked in never leaving always looking for away to escape all that surrounds me the fear of alls being afraid the chill of the past creeping in me taking all. The time stopped the life burned and what’s left is sorrow that can’t be replaced. So all I can do is sit and wait till the darkness descends and I can cover myself with all the guilt I have left. in the mornings I cry for night so that no one can see me so that everyone can ignore the hate I have inside the sadness that drowns me from the inside . The light doesn’t warm the coldness in my heart. Always shattering the hearts of others always breaking the love they give always running out of time to cover my mistakes. So now I’m here in my own grave buried alive. I disserve it for what I’ve done. Taking the live of the one I love. Counting the minutes down but they slow down punishing me for what I’ve done. This body isn’t mine the moment I closed my eyes mine was gone and now I have one I don’t know so who am I the killer the victim of my own punishment . So what now this body tempts me tells me to forget and start over to find the next one that will love me but whose body is this. The dirt hurt me the air escapes me the nightmare awakes me. so I give in and let the body posses me and now all that matters is who`s next.

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brenda27 said...
Apr. 22, 2011 at 1:49 pm
this is cool  . i like it
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