Lost Souls

March 10, 2011
By Anonymous

•This is a sequel to Nicholas Sparks’s novel, Dear John. John comes home and meets up with Savannah. They then walk to the barn to talk and catch up. Their feelings for each other began to come back and John wants to be with Savannah. Savannah doesn’t know what to do about the situation that lies before them, but she knows she still loves John. What are they to become now…

As John looked into Savannah’s eyes, the memories began to come back to him. Savannah sees right through him. Although she’s in a relationship, her love for John hasn’t changed. Since the first day they met, she felt they were destined to be together.

“Why did things have to change?” John asked. “I didn’t ask for things to be this way. It just happened,” she replied. “You were gone and Tim was here, and he needed me. I had no choice. You think this was easy for me. You being gone was the worst feeling I ever had in my entire life. I couldn’t stand the thought of you fighting and not being here with me. You never think that way. How could you just leave and”- “Savannah, I’ve always loved you.”

She inhaled, and filled with longing. She questioned herself whether she felt the same way. “I love you too, John,” she said. He begins to embrace her, idolizing her from head to toe. He walked towards her and placed his against her cheek and moved her hair behind her ear. He then kissed her passionately and softly. Her heart began to race, and she started writhing to his touch.

“I’ve waited so long to be with you at this very moment,” John said. “I never want to part with you, Savannah. I just want you and only you. I’ve been loving you see we met, and this feeling won’t go away. I need you.” He then kisses her again.

“John, I can’t do this. I’m married and in a relationship. I love you, I do, but going against Tim would hurt him. How do you expect me to deal with this? You just pop up here and figure you can waltz in and have me again. Why are you here?” “Why question the one you love when I’m standing right here in your face?” he replied. She then looks at him with a suddenly. Her cheeks are flushed, pink as a rose and tears began to run down her eyes.

She then walked towards him and hugged him. He kissed her on her neck. She felt his hand run down her back. They began to sit down onside the barn. As they began to fill with lascivious, Savannah began to unbutton John’s shirt slowly. He looked into her eyes and they began to kiss each other passionately. She then removes her dress, and he removes her bra. She catches his hands against her breast and gives herself to him. They make love together. As they locked eyes together, they reached their peak in unison.

She had longed for John to be this close to her once again. As they lay together, she began to wonder. She thinks to herself if this is where she wants to be. She felt safe and secure in John’s arms. She knows she loves him, and he loves her, but is it all worth the risk is what she asks herself. All she knows is laying there in his arms is the greatest feeling, and she wants this feeling to stay.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a class assignment. If you have ever read the magazine, Cosmopolitan, there is a section towards the back of it that shows an excerpt of a book that includes a sex scene. This piece is like that except PG-13.

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