Gossip Gril - Boys Over Flowers

March 5, 2011
By , nelspruit, South Africa
Gossip girl here,
This just in!
It seems that our ever favourite gang, that’s C along with best bud N and the unlikely inclusion of Lonely Boy, have decided to take a trip to… Korea?
What are they up to this time?
Could it be because cute little Soon-Yi is going back? Who knows?
Better watch out B…and S your guys are leaving you for another.
But it seems they may have some competition.
I’ll keep ya posted
You know you love me
X o x o Gossip Girl

Kim Soon-Yi was halfway up the stairs of Shinhwa High School when she heard someone shriek, “IT’S F4!!!” She turned her head in the direction of the screech and was startled by the wave of bodies that flew past her. The students all gathered in a circle, anticipating the arrival of F4.
She wasn’t sure why she was surprised by the commotion caused by F4. In all the years she’d known every single one of them, she had been fully aware of the kind of attention they received. Perhaps it was that such things didn’t happen in New York. At Constance Billard, where she’d attended school for two years, there was no F4. Yes, there was the Upper East Side Elite, but there was definitely no Jun Pyo and his cronies.
The doors opened and in came the notorious F4. Jun Pyo, their leader, Ji Hoo on the right and the playboy duo, Yi Jung and Wu Bin on the left. Silence took over the entire school as the four of them stopped in the middle of the circle.
She turned her gangly body as she watched a short, skinny girl approach Jun Pyo. *Oh, she’s brave* she thought. In her hands, the girl held out a cake and smiled at him.
“Please accept this,” the girl said.
*oh, no* Soon-Yi thought.
“I baked it myself.”
*Even worse!*
Soon-Yi watched as Jun Pyo’s eyes moved down to inspect the cake. He reached for it and took in his hands. He stared at the girl for a moment and then at the crowd for another. Without a single emotion – not even a hint of remorse – on his face, in one quick move, he pushed the entire cake against the poor girl’s face.
*You should’ve known better, girlie* Soon-Yi thought, closing her eyes. By the time she’d opened them again, Jun Pyo had reached for a scarf from one of the girls. He tentatively wiped his fingers clean of the white cream and icing and dropped the scarf to the floor. The four of them pushed through the crowd, not that they had to because the circle had parted like the Red Sea, and started walking with everyone staring.
“Typical,” a voice said, coming up behind Soon-Yi.
Startled, Soon-Yi turned around to see a dark haired, brown eyed girl standing behind her. Jan Di smiled her familiar dimpled smile at Soon-Yi and soon the two of them hugged.
“How long has it been? Two years?” Jan Di asked.
“It’s been forever!” Soon-Yi replied. “I see nothing has changed around here.”
“Did you forget that F4 lives off the attention they receive here?”
Jan Di and Soon-Yi had been friends since they were in the first grade. It was Soon-Yi, Jan Di and Ga Eul. The Three Musketeers.
Soon-Yi and Jan Di linked arms and started walking down to the cafeteria together.
“So, how’s your family?” Soon-Yi asked.
“Crazy, as always. They still can’t get over the fact that I’m coming to Shinhwa.”
They walked down the stairs of the cafeteria and Soon-Yi followed Jan Di to her usual space.
“Wow,” Soon-Yi said sitting down, “This place hasn’t changed a bit!”
Before Jan Di could reply, three girls stomped over to their table. Soon-Yi stared at the trio of what seemed to be ditzy girls. For a moment none of them said anything until the one in the middle spoke up. “Hey aren’t you Kim Soon-Yi?”
“Yeah. Why do you wanna know?” Soon-Yi asked the trio giving them a look over.
They all smiled and turned around, took about three steps back so Jan Di and Soon-Yi could get a good look at them.
“I’m Ginger!” the one in the middle yelled out for the whole cafeteria to hear.
“And I’m Sunny!” the one to the right continued.
“And I’m Miranda!” the one on the left finished off.
“Is that supposed to mean anything me? And you still haven’t answered my question.” Soon-Yi replied in a bitter tone.
“We’re the Shinhwa Beauties,” Ginger said with the broadest of smiles.
Soon-Yi nodded slowly. “Right,” she said, “If you’re done, I would like to finish eating my lunch now.”
Ginger, Sunny and Miranda all gave total looks of shock then of disgust but said nothing and stomped off instead.
“Who are those girls?” Soon-Yi asked Jan Di while eating a piece of shrimp.
“A very annoying group of girls who think they’re the next best thing to F4.” Jan Di replied.
A few minutes passed as the girls continued to eat, talk and laugh at all the stupid things they had done and what they were going to do.
“Are you done eating?” Jan Di asked Soon-Yi as she stared to get up from her seat.
“Yeah. Gaja.” (Let’s go) Soon-Yi replied also getting up from her seat to leave.
The two girls walked out of the cafeteria and half way down the hallway when a giant sized shoe stopped dead in front to them. They both shot their heads up to the realisation of who it was.
“Goo Jun Pyo, please move out the way so we could come through.” Jan Di said with a bored expression on her face.
All Jun Pyo did was look at her. Then suddenly a voice came from behind him. “Kim Soon-Yi!!” said Yi Jung with a great big smile on his face. Wu Bin who just realised what was going on also started smiling and the two of them did their age old hand shake. Ji Hoo stood in silence with his hands in his signature white tracksuit pocket and a small smirk on his face.
Soon-Yi smiled at all of them and then went up and gave each of the three guys a hug. The longest and final hug was given to Ji Hoo. “How’ve you been?” he whispered into her ear.
“Good. You?” she whispered back before letting go. Ji Hoo nodded to show that he had been doing well.
“Goo Jun Pyo! Still terrorising the innocent?” Soon-Yi scolded him.
“Sachon!(cousin) Please don’t give me that!! You just as worse as me.” He shot back. “And how come you didn’t tell me you were coming back?” he asked bitterly.
“I wanted to surprise you.” Soon-Yi said giving him a playful puch.
“This is some surprise.” Yi Jung said feeling quite amused.
“Hei! dagchyeo!( Hey! Shut up!)” Jun Pyo snapped. Then turned to his cousin, “You know as well as anyone that I don’t like surprises.”
“True but it’s fun to get you worked up.” She said pinching his check
Then Wu Bin started talking. “There’s a party tonight. You wanna come?” he asked changing the subject.
“I don’t know guys. I just got back.”
“Oh come on it would be an injustice for the host of the party not to show up.” Jun Pyo said butting in.
Soon-Yi gave him a look and he smiled an innocent smile, but in the end she agreed to go.
Just then Soon-Yi’s phone went off.

“Hey stranger!” a male American voice said on the other line.
“Ah, hey. Who is this?”
“Wow you’ve forgotten me already?” he said
“Nate?!” Soon-Yi nearly yelled.
“Yeah. How you doing back in Korea?”
“Fantastic! I’m so glad you called.” She replied with great big smile on her face
“Yeah, well actually I wanted to tell you that I’m in Korea.”
“WHAT!? When did you get here?”
“Last night. We all flew in last night.”
“Yeah. Me, Chuck and Dan. So you wanna meet up?”
“Wow you guys are really something. Actually yes, there’s a party tonight you guys wanna come along?”
“Sure that’d be awesome.”
“Cool, I’ll come round and pick you guys up.”
“Can’t wait. See you later.”
“Kay, bye.”
“Sachon, who was that?” Jun Pyo asked confused.
“Don’t worry you’ll meet them tonight.” Soon-Yi said with a smirk on her lips. Everyone looked at her in confusion until Ji Hoo said “I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

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