Hot and Cold (Epilogue)

January 30, 2011
Six Months Later...

A cool breath giggled in my ear. A frosty arm snaked its way around my neck.
“Gotcha,” the wintry voice whispered playfully in my ear.
I bent my head and kissed the snowy wrist and all the way up her arm. I turned around to look at Gabby Cullen’s beautiful face. I gathered her in my arms, ignoring the smell and frostbite cold.
“Gold eyes and white skin suit you,” I told her.
“Thanks,” she laughed.
We were both each other’s exact opposites now. Black and white. Soft and hard. Summer and winter. Fire and ice. Vampire and werewolf, destined to destroy each other, but unable to.
The Volturi had not come back. Yet. Demetri didn’t know I survived the fall that he intended for my death. We didn’t know what would happen when he found out, but now we could protect each other.
“Do it,” I said.
“Do what?” Gabby said.
“Sing,” I said. “Sing for me.”
Gabby stepped back and smiled. I closed my eyes and she started singing “Every Time we Touch” by Cascada. I felt the haze that clouded my mind first. Then the uncontrollable pull. It was like being blinded by smoke and led by someone who could see through it. She could bend my will to do what she wanted now, but she wouldn’t use it for evil, unlike some vampires I knew. (Jane)
A few flurries of January snow began to fall as Gabby stopped singing.
“Let’s go in,” she said.
Hand in hand, we walked into the house, where Carlisle and Esme would settle the best band battle. Muse vs. Death Cab for Cutie vs. Paramore…

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RockGirl182 said...
Jun. 6, 2011 at 2:16 pm

i loved your embry fanfic i couldn't get enough, will this be the end or will you write more ? 

i was also wondering if you'll write a story from another twilight character's perspective and will you continue the mash up of the vampire diaries and the twilight saga ? 

And as for the band battle : Paramore and muse, it's a tie ;) 

I loved this and your other work, keep it up, you have real talent !!! :)

WinterFairy replied...
Jun. 6, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. I really do! And maybe I'll do something from a vampire's perspective next time......maybe one of the Volturi's? About the The Vampire Diaries/Twilight mash-up, I'll try to finish, but I have a really severe case of writer's block. Oh well; I'm looking for a cure.


RockGirl182 replied...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 5:06 am
that would be cool, maybe under jane's perspective, she's so evil but her replies always make me crack up ;) as for your writers block, just ask for help in the writers' forum :) 
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