The Right Choice [Eclipse THE RIGHT WAY.]

November 7, 2010
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His eyes, oh, his eyes were so hypnotic as he drew himself closer to myself, his big hands crawling around my waist and pulling me to his rock-hard self. He was hot to the touch, but I made myself forget about that as I caressed his face with my left hand, which then found a home on his cheekbone that only Abercrombie models had. Before he got any closer, he smiled that cocky smile of his. Then, in a slow instant, our lips met, and like a jigsaw puzzle we fit comfortably. I knowingly kissed back, until I suddenly threw myself away from him and punched him square in the face.

The blow didn’t faze him at all, but it sure as heck fazed me. I let out a long, pain-filled scream and grasped at my hand as it throbbed unbearably. “JACOB!” I shouted.

All he did was smile and push my brown locks of hair out of my face. He gently cradled my hand and kissed the top of it, sending a surge of pain and warmth through my body. “Bella,” he whispered. “It’s fixable.”

A tear rolled down my face, and it stopped at Jacob’s finger that sat beneath my jaw. He sighed and kissed my forehead. He backed up and jumped into his wolf form, a big, orange-y brown ball of fur that would certainly terrify the average person. Calmly, he purred and gestured for me to climb onto his back. I did just that, and without warning he darted into the dense forests and back to the reservation. After what seemed like agonizing hours, we arrived at a little cottage at the top of a hill, surrounded by shrubbery cut into cute little figures such as ducks and frogs.

He shook me off of his back and I slapped him in the flank. Through his long tufts of fur on his muzzle, I could tell he was snickering. I scowled and he returned to the human form. He was not afraid to be naked in front of me, but more so he was hoping his washboard abs and amazing, bronzed figure would draw me in and I’d choose him over Edward. Jacob knocked on the door to the cottage and an older lady walked out, laughing at Jacob’s state of nudity. All he did was shrug his shoulders and welcome himself inside her home.

I followed in, sitting awkwardly on a green sofa that had a buffalo bone foundation, with a longhorn skull perched above it on the wall. Jacob quietly spoke to the woman, and went into a different room to dress. Meanwhile, the lady grabbed my hand and jerked it away to look at it. She clicked her tongue and got a first aid kit and a jar of some weird, herbal remedy, or that’s what I thought it would be. And I was correct. Popping open the jar, a rancid stench filled the tiny room. The woman rubbed the insides of the jar onto my injured arm, and it began to tingle and burn. Bandage was rolled around my arm, layered with gauze covered in some more of the stinky remedy.

My arm was to heal in a matter of days, and was to be sore for a month. Jacob walked out in a blue robe and escorted me out of the house, thanking the lady one last time. Outside of the cottage, he pulled me close.

“Bella, I am sorry my face was too hardcore for your wimpy punches.” He grinned and I stepped on his foot. Once again, my harm on his body had no effect. He pulled on my chin so I could look him dead in the eye. “I love you.”

I thought of Edward, and really, he hadn’t been there that much for me lately. Shrugging my shoulders, I got on my tiptoes and kissed Jacob. I could feel him smile as we kissed, and he scooped me up and ran me to his house. For hours we sat there, enjoying the peacefulness of the moment, basking in the perfection of my choice.

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VampireX said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 9:13 am
You're a Jacob fan aren't you?
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