The Other Side of David

November 3, 2010
It‘s been 2 months since the release of David’s second album, The Other Side Of Down. David’s goal with the album was to show how he’s grown up since American Idol. Unfortunately, that’s not how it came across.

The internet buzzed with reviews, saying that he hasn’t shown any signs of improving as an artist. When David heard this, he was completely saddened. If this wasn’t an improvement, would he ever improve?

“I thought this album would show people that I’ve grown up.” David told his mom, the night before his tour kickoff.

“I know honey, but you can’t help what everyone else thinks.” she told him.

It was the day of the first show, and David had a plan. He had to make people realize that he’s matured, and he knew just how to do it…

Intro music for the opening song, “TOSOD”, began and David happily ran on stage as the crowd cheered.

“Here I am with all these reviews hanging from my ceiling low, One by one they all keep telling me we told you so...” David began with his plan.

“I keep climbing, Gonna keep fighting, Until I show you the other side of Daaaaaavid…”

The crowd applauded as David sang.

“Daaaaaaavvviiddd, Daaaaaaaviiiiiiiidddd…”

“David? David?” David awoke to his mother.

“David! Your album made #1 on Billboard!” she said excitedly.

David was relieved that it had just been a dream, and now his real dreams were coming true.

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~LookAround~ said...
Nov. 9, 2010 at 4:39 pm
Another GREAT one! ;)
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