Harvest Moon ~part 4~

November 4, 2010
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Uncle Emmett burst, into his booming laughter and pulls me off of my Father. Setting me down by Aunt Alice. She gives me an encouraging smile and pats my back. So she already knew what my plan was. I cut my thoughts off short and put my wal up. The last thing I needed was my father freaking out more than he was. Uncle Jasper stood his ground.
"Nessie confided in me and I was not going to betray her trust." I couldn't help but smile. My Uncles are the best. I glanced at my mom who was just staring at me. I swallow hard. That was the same sad look that Grandpa Charlie gave me when I was being alittle to honest. I turn my attention to the wolves standing in the door way of the living room. Jake stood there and he looked so helpless. He motioned me outside with his head. I slowly made my way out of the room. My father only glanced at me as I left. I inhale deeply preparing for the conversation that was about to unfold.....

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Catiejune said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 2:02 pm
o my god amazing!!! i love it
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