Welcome to High School (A Death Note Fanfic): Chapter One

October 14, 2010
By MareBelleFlower BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
MareBelleFlower BRONZE, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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“Yay…another fun, exciting day of school,” I complained humorlessly as I trudged into class and immediately went straight for the gray metal carts to get my gray metal laptop. I paused as I reached for my slot, Slot 10, and realized that the laptop in my slot wasn’t my laptop. The little metal mechanical object I cherished so much was gone! Angrily, I went over to my seat and slammed my binder on the table, a loud slapping noise echoing throughout the classroom. “WHERE IS MY LAPTOP?!” I screamed, and my friend Tsuki came over to me, giddy as she giggled excitedly.

“BUDDY!!” she exclaimed happily. She gave me a hug before she proceeded to explain (quite nervously, might I add) exactly where my property had gone. I really hoped she had nothing to do with it, for after my laptop had been dropped on the floor once before, I was really strict about who touched it. “Well…you see…we have new students, and they needed a place to put their laptops, so I volunteered your slot…b-but, you’re NOT gonna believe this! They’re Death Note characters! And don’t worry! Your stuff’s fine! Light has it…”

“Yeah, just volunteer my stuff…” I said sarcastically, but with a huge smile, even though I was a bit irked at her enthusiasm. Even though I disliked Light with a passion and was, in fact, a little upset that a cosplayer of him had my laptop, was it every day that you got new students at a school when there were over 50 people on a waiting list to get in? Even rarer, they were cosplayers! We needed more anime lovers, so I was pretty giddy about it.
I didn’t exactly understand that she meant they were the actual characters until a boy that looked exactly like Light Yagami (creepy, am I right?) elegantly strolled into the classroom carrying – now get this – my laptop! Angrily, I stomped over to him, forgetting all traces of my excitement at having new people. I already hated Light “Imagay” Yagami, and he just made it a billion times worse by having my laptop. Sure, I know what you’re thinking. ‘It’s just a laptop, it’s not that deep’, but it’s my laptop. I know I sound kind of selfish for throwing a hissy fit about a freakin’ laptop, but it’s hard to explain. I only let people I like touch my stuff. And Light Yagami? Totally on the hate list.. Forget the fact that there were anime characters in my school. He had my laptop. He had to die. Now.

Tsuki watched me nervously, twiddling her fingers like Hinata Hyuuga, just as I angrily shouted. “Hey, Imagay, gimme my laptop back NOW!” I snatched it away from Light without waiting for a response and turned on my heels to walk back to my table. Things were going great…until I tripped. My laptop flew from my fingers as I plummeted towards the floor. Yes, Ms. Tough-girl just tripped. Smooth, Momo Karami. Smooth. I squeezed my eyes shut, worried not for me, but for my laptop. I could already see the little memory chips shattered around on the floor. I wanted to cry, and my chin impacted with the hard floor. I rubbed it gingerly as my friend Tsuki helped me up. I sat up and found Light holding my unharmed laptop.

“Are you alright?” he asked, kneeling beside me and holding the laptop close to his chest as if it was something precious. Yeah, right? Wrong. Nobody touched my stuff. Nobody. Forgetting the pain in my chin, I let out an angry growl as I shook my fist at Light.


Tsuki stared at me before she interupted me by saying, by far, the stupidest yet most funniest thing I’d ever heard. “Hey Light, you’re gay???” she asked curiously. All my anger slipped away as Light and I anime-sweat-dropped and stared at her like she was an idiot. Light simply gave her one of his fake smiles and chuckled.

“Of course I’m not…I’m dating Misa like I told you earlier, remember?” he replied to her. I glared at him for his stupid lie. Seriously, nobody lies to my buddy and gets away with it!

“No, you’re using her for her Death Note. That’s not dating,” I said venomously, and he narrowed his eyes at me, grabbing me by my arm. My eyes grew wide as boulders at how tight his grip was. That would most definitely leave a bruise. Tsuki squealed, “No way! Misa Amane?! I LOVE YOU!!!” She then fainted as her head bounced off ten lockers.

“Could you come with me, please?” he asked, and I yanked away from him, smacking him as hard as I could. Seriously, what a jerk! I looked down at my arm and it pulsed with pain at where Light had grabbed me.

“Don’t touch me. I go where I want, when I want,” I said angrily, and I turned towards the door as I heard a gasp. I saw a head full of blonde hair, and I knew all to well that it was Misa Amane. I hoped she hadn’t seen me hit Light, or that she hadn’t gotten the wrong idea from him grabbing my arm. Even though I hated some Death Note characters, I repsected Misa in an oddballish way.

“Light~!” Misa exclaimed, running up to him and latching onto his arm obsessively. “Are you alright?!”

“I’m…fine, Misa,” Light replied, and he handed me my laptop back before Misa pulled him away and out the classroom. I walked over to my seat, and Tsuki followed after me, surprised I had slapped the object of her affection, her idol, the meaning to her fangirlism – Light Yagami.

“Buddy, how could you?” Quinasha said, anime tears streaming down her cheeks. “You hit Light!” I looked at my arm, ignoring her fangirly rant as I rubbed the spot Light had grabbed me at. The spot was already starting to bruise, obvious from the fact that my skin was turning red and a handprint was there. I groaned and Tsuki turned to go to her seat as the teacher entered and class was ready to begin. I boredly stared at my computer screen until I felt a presence behind me. I turned my head around in a rather irritated manner, especting to see the teacher looking over my shoulder, but instead it was Misa. I smiled at her innocently, concerned that she’d bring up my slapping Light.

“Light really wants to speak with you,” she said, her girly voice a host to a sinister undertone. I felt a shiver run down my spine, and I nodded slowly.

“Er—sure,” I said, knowing when the time was to defy orders. Slowly, I walked with Misa into the hallway where, behind the stairway, Light stood with Kiyomi Takada and Teru Mikami. I felt a feeling of dread overcome me and slowly, Misa pushed me up to them. Mikami and Takada stared at me with malice in their very eyes.

“You,” Takada hissed, and I raised an eyebrow. She didn’t even know me, and then I realized that she didn’t mean me but Misa. Misa simply flipped her pretty blond hair and took her spot at Light’s side. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

“Can I help you?” I asked, glaring at the manipulative jerk before me. Light looked extremely annoyed by my attitude, and I hardly cared that three people here could see my name and obviously could kill me with the swipe of a pen. I rolled my eyes when Light remained silent, refusing to answer my question. “What do you want?!”

“No need to be angry, Momo-san,” said Takada. “We only want to speak with you – to know why you have knowledge of the Death Note….”

“None of your…business,” I dragged out “your” just to waste their time, and I could tell they were annoyed. Mikami realized that I was going to continue to be stubborn and he turned to Light.

“God,” he said. “Can’t we just kill her?”

“No…she could be of use to us,” Light replied. And that’s when I snapped.

“No way! You are NOT gonna use me like how you use Misa! I’m nobody’s pet. I am outta here,” I replied, and I stomped off, back into class. I checked my laptop to find my friend Tsuki had sent me an email to see how things had went.

Buddy!!! Wat happened???

I smiled and then began to type back to her. Nothing much. Imagay tried to make me his pet…big mistake. I clicked send and then I could feel eyes on me. I turned to find Takada, Mikami, and Misa each glaring at me from the table they sat at with Light. I flipped them the birdie before I stuck my tongue out at them and then the teacher began to teach the day’s lesson.

After class, I hurried to rush to the next period, English, and I prayed that Light’s groupies wouldn’t assault me. I got up the stairs and found them sitting at a table with Tsuki, waiting for me. “Oh, Momo! We were waiting for you~!” Misa called in her sing song voice, and I could tell I wasn’t going to get out of being in Light’s group, and I took a seat beside my one buddy.

“You just will not stop, will you?” I demanded, glaring at Light from across the table.

“Actually, Tsu-chan told us everything,” Light said, stretching out the ‘everything’. “And I believe there’s no reason for two people that are so alike to dislike each other like this. Although, I must admit Momo-san, I do not dislike you at all….why is it that you hate me so much?”

“It’s not obvious?” I replied. “For one, We are not alike, so don’t group me in with scum like you. Second of all, you’re manipulative. You tell Misa all this crap like you love her but you don’t! You just love her Death Note, and that’s not love at all. Third, you’re a jerk. You think what you’re doing is justice, and it’s not. By killing criminals, you’ve become one yourself. That’s why I dislike you. Clear?”

“Crystal,” Light replied, and I walked off.

I didn’t see Light until lunch, when I took my seat beside my buddy, Tsuki. Light’s group sat with us, and I could tell Tsuki was an honorary member. I, however, couldn’t stand all of them, aside from Misa, and I turned away, stabbing my pizza with the fork I didn’t need. “Kam-chan, are you alright?” Misa asked.

“Yes, just annoyed,” I replied. “You guys are like roaches. You’re impossible to get rid of.”

“Forgive us for our earlier behavior,” said Takada, and I could tell she didn’t mean it. In her odd, snobby way, she wiped her mouth with her napkin (that I wanted so badly to shove down her throat).

“Whatever,” I said, and I picked up my pizza, putting it on Mikami’s empty tray. “You can have it.” I didn’t know why, but slowly, I was actually kind of starting to like these guys, not that I’d ever tell them that. Sure, they annoyed me, but besides Light and Takada, they were alright. They were just like normal people, not the monsters I’d expected them to be.

The author's comments:
My "buddy" gave me inspiration for this story, and so this is dedicated to her.

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ah, I love death note! I love writing fanfictions about it but its rare to find other people writing them too. :) I wish the Death Note characters went to my school too, but if they did i would pobably be glued to L's side :)


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