Adventures in Netherworld pt.1

October 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I DON’T OWN DISGAEA, as Nippon Ichi owns it. So Lawyers you can’t sue me!

When a person dies, their sins are measured, and if you do bad enough you literally have to work off your sins, while being bound to the form of what we call now a days, a Prinny Doll (look in description).

(Prinny’s POV)
It was another long and laborious day inside Laharl’s Castle, working for 20+ hours and half of minimum wage for like ever teaches you some things. If one were to look at the Castle from the outside one would see a wicked looking castle with a grey granite pathway towards the castle, while above a boiling lake of lava, covering the bottom of the 50 foot drop and above in a circular area, there’s more as well. There’s only one entrance in, and that’s the same way out of the castle, the last master made sure to design it like so. The background doesn’t help, there’s an eternal moon in the background and its blood red as well. If you couldn’t tell already, this place is a quite literal deathtrap. So you tend to learn things quickly, like one time, where I ran into Master Etna, literally,

I was minding my own business not really caring where I was going until I collided with something “Ow…dood, what did I run into?” I had complained, hey I admit that I complain. “Hey you Prinny pick yourself up and look at me when I am talking to you!” This day gets worse and worse yet! Of all the people I could have run into, I ran right into Master Etna, dood! She seemed to notice my suspense and smirked, that’s what sealed the deal, and I’m screwed dood. She was in a good mood, seeing that I was still alive, though that didn’t mean unharmed. I took a gunshot straight to the forehead, talk about friendly fire dood. (Shivers) and nearly called her a billboard! I did get shot though for interrupting her business, do you know how much a single shot could hurt, dood! Because it hurts, a lot! She left me near-death on the floor saying she was in a good mood and decided not to kill me because her new pudding had come out in stores.

(5 min later)

Um…is anyone going to help me, dood? Hey wait just a minute, there’s Flonne but she has her regular uniform on, how did she get that back, I thought she was a Fallen Angel class? She said something about taking all the angel classes again would let her become an Angel Trainee again. Doesn’t that mean that, anyone could become an Angel? I asked her about the whole situation with Etna, and Flonne had said that, Etna’s favorite pudding came out in only 10,000 each day, however there was an even rarer pudding that was only made 100 a day, and I shouldn’t tell Laharl about any of this! But I needed to get back to work, so I said bye to Flonne and moved on

(Later On, Laharl’s Chamber)

Alright this shouldn’t be too difficult, just move the dangerous weapons over to the corner over here, dust up this little spot here, is that dust bunny winking at me? Weird, well it’s over now that I finally finished cleaning up this mess! Hey, is that a pendant on the floor, I didn’t know the Prince was interested in jewelry, and it seems broken too! Well, I should be able to fix this up, reincarnated or not, I still retain some of my memories from my last life, score one for the prinnies back home! “Just a little twist here and there and we’re done!” Uh-oh, did I say that out loud? Luckily, no one seemed to be in the room with me at the time. After trying on the necklace however, I noticed that my vision was slowly fading and I had one last thought before blacking out entirely, ‘This is why you don’t try on stuff you find on the ground, especially the Prince’s stuff!’ And with that thought, everything went black…

Little did this Prinny know, his adventure through netherworld had just begun.

The author's comments:
I hoped that people would learn not to pick up random things on the floor.

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