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September 22, 2010
By andygirl123 BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
andygirl123 BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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My name is Beth Marilyn I was three when my mom died, and the thing, is I knew her. It wasn’t like some kid that lost their mom at an early age I knew her in fact really well .

It began with my mom Miley and Bridget who we just turned 3. It was November 1st which was our birthday. My mom was planning everything out for our third birthday party. She hired a fake Snow White and Cinderella to come and sing songs and make our day. I remember that she had a two layer cake made out of fake edible pearls entirely made for me and Bridget and our guests that she had forgotten to go to Sam’s to get it; so she made it from scrap. She stayed up till 4 in the morning making that cake that I begged well whined my mom about to have at our birthday. I also remember licking the icing off with Bridget, on the rubber spatula my mom’s mom had given her before she died for her as a present. That was sacred to my mom because that was the only thing she had left of her parents because she was in a fire long before me and Bridget were born ,well that was when my dad and my mom first got married. They lived with my mom’s parents for a while till the house burned down when my grandpa was baking a cake for my mom’s birthday her and my dad and her old boyfriend in high school John S. Frago which they all became best of friends were there celebrating her birthday that night, but then my grandpa, my mom’s dad accidentally left the stove on for 1 hour set on high do to his all timers that he was just diagnosed. She had unforgettable 25th birthday that night of December 2 when both of her parents died. Not just that my mom was pregnant with a boy 7 months along till the fire and smoke caught up with her and killed my unborn brother. My parents where in the hospital for a while, the doctor said that he didn’t know if my mom could have any more children because it burned her with 3rd degrees. It was a miracle that she even had us and sometimes she even thought about aborting me and Bridget, but she kept a strong heart and did not even think of that endeavor knowing she most likely would never be able to have children again even a child. And that’s why that spatula was right there sacred to my mom. It was like a voice or a spirit guiding her through everything going wrong in her life it was like if it were a guardian angel my grandma would tell my mom. It would be passed down through generations from one to another and its spirit the one who dies young like her sister who died when she was eleven ended up in something useful or sympathetic. I don’t see why a spatula is sympathetic for all I know it kept a steady heart to her or a memorial of things. It kept my mom in place where she rightfully needed to be in life. With all the deaths she encountered around her just isn’t healthy. Maybe it was somebody after her cause they were upset with my mom, but I’m not sure I’m only a child you know. But death has its hade’s against others.

“The story doesn’t end here, now let me go on if you may perhaps.” My mom Miley and Bridget were running errands all around town the day of the party. She had to run to the doctor’s office for a certain reason. As they were coming to a train light well a red light we call it train lights because it’s right on the track well right by it. Anyways my mom was right at the train light and all the sudden one of her tires popped out when a guy’s big red monster truck pulled up behind her and “accidentally” hit the back bumper of my mom’s car. His spikes, he had on his front wheel, popped my mom’s back wheel out of its joint. My mom got out and was talking to the man. She kept cussing at him and he got really mad. “Maim I isn’t helping you ever even if something was about to go wrong sorry.” The man said boorishly with his hood over his head covering his face. His right arm had a tattoo of an original butterfly that didn’t even look like a butterfly more so of a beetle color of red which was his favorite in fact but at least it was removable. You know one of those that wash off with 4 months supply of soap. But he was pissed off at my mom going back to the story. “What’s your name?” My mom asked questioning him like she was going to bill him or something. He didn’t reply he just started walking to his car. So my mom turned walking back to the car trying not to make a scene just forgetting about the man and any other worries, but then suddenly she realized her car was directly on the tracks. She ran towards her car, and heard a familiar sound like a song of Chu Chu Chaka Chaka Chu Chu. Bridget was singing that song, but she only does it when she sees a train. My mom’s heart pounded like an elephant stomping down the staircases she thought quickly and turned and looked straight at Bridget then she grabbed Bridget’s hands and gave her a life-size kiss that would forever carry as she rolled up her window. She knew what was coming next. She ran towards the front seat and tried to run the car. The wheel was lodged, in seconds the train came closer. There were no other cars behind her, besides the big red monster truck that hit my mom’s car up onto the train tracks till sudden fatality. My mom started yelling and crying she screamed at that man to help her, but all the man did was sit in his car and stare at them from a distance my mom looked at the man and she could silently hear a faint whisper saying goodbye. She tried getting Bridget out, but when she did it was already too late. The train was already in the front passenger seat. Then through my mom’s and Bridget’s body were thrown into the back seat of the car. My mom’s leg was torn off by the balcony that hangs of the train. Lights out mommy and sissy, instantly there gone. The man as the train passed the tracks pushing my moms and Bridget’s dead body, went over the crumpled mess, over the tracks and he with no since of care went over to the other side like nothing had happen mortally. He just left my mom and a baby a little baby my sister. In no way of life how could they lived or deserved that fatality night that happened Wednesday November 1 night our birthday.

That hour forty police car showed up and twelve ambulances, five fire trucks, and hound dogs that looked like wolves all came to the scene of the catastrophe were the fatal death of my mom and twin sister happened. The news came on while I was waiting for my mom and sister to come home so the party would start. It never did start and it never did end, they were dead, killed by that man.

The dogs that looked like wolves walked on the tracks for about two hour till they found bits and pieces of the car. It had blown up in the night fever. It took a whole hour for my mom’s body to be found. Her body was burned up and hair was all gone, her skin was in dust bites away from blowing off. Most of her skeleton was showing. Bridget’s body was torn in pieces one hand over there and the other over there. All was left of her was a face and decapitated body and a head looking like its brains were being torn out of. I never saw them again not even at the funeral home. Their coffins had been closed. Supposedly they were going to be taken into a crematory factory and given back to me and my father, but we never got the urns back because it wasn’t much of them. Well that’s what an about 30 year old man told us. He was a bald man muscular and tattoos all over himself in a way. He had no kids but he was a close personal friend to my mom and dad supposedly. His name was John S. Frago He was there to support my father and in his time of need. He was my dad’s boss the one that hired him to be a lawyer in his law firm. I didn’t like him so much. He reminded me of a child molester in my opinion, but he wasn’t a child molester he was just a rich man that my dead mother used to date back in high school. Now it is my father’s boss.

Four years went by miserably and I turned seven. My dad remarried to a woman named Claudia Kate he loved her and she loved him. She made my dad really happy. So that made me happy I guess. She had 5 year old daughter named Brittney. By the way was a brat who tried acting all sisterly and loving to replace Bridget while she talked weird and slur her words. Let me just say something no one will and ever replace my mother and especially my sister Bridget with some chicka Dee female and her bratty psycho 5 year old daughter. Her mom says she has metal disable order, but she only said that to stick up for her daughter’s butt. She kept on telling me that she really did have it, she was lying just like all step moms do. It was like a Cinderella story but more so of the step mother sucking up to you. Let me tell you it doesn’t work on me nada none. Years went by and Brittney turned 12. I was 13 in 8th grade youngest out of everyone. Strange things occurred to me my pre teen and first teenage years, but the strangest of them all were when I was nearly 14. Things started changing; I started feeling vibe like objects near me. I would get them almost every first of the month till every 1 day of the week. I couldn’t quite keep up with up it. Then one day it hit me like a ray of sun beaming down on the heavens. It was some type of life form or ghostly subjective object that was basically felt like it was keeping record of me out of order like I do sometimes almost all the time really. I doubted it was a ghost. Maybe it was a spirit. I would tell myself. Whatever it was it was creeping me out.

On October 31st Halloween night I was walking down the sidewalk in my neighborhood with
Brittney and four other friends Ashley, Bonnie, Kathleen, and Cecilia we were out trick or treating. We were all waiting on Brittney to come back from a house getting candy. About the fiftieth house we went to was another chocolate m&m giver.” “At least there’s a benefit out of it.” Cecilia replied as we walked about till the 49th house.”Oh yeah its really funny when your stepmom is at your house when you come home ,and you see her stuffing down 20 pieces of chocolate bars of candy and then swells up looking like a jack o lantern pimple B**** the next morning.” I said. “Yeah she does look funny like last Halloween.”My friend Ashley said. “Crap J**** Mary and Joseph”! I said aloud that my Christian like anti cusswords neighbors heard me say. “It’s time for us to get home because Brittney needs to get home now.” I said. “Ok well see you later Happy Halloween, and happy almost birthday they all said. “ Yep tomorrows my 14 birthday.” I replied back. “Ok I’ll see you later Bye “, Brittney and I reply. As we got back to the house Claudia Kate oh that b**** was like, “Where have you been?” “I was worried sick” “you had me terrified?” trying to act like she’s really concerned about me. “Oh bull s***” I thought in my head. “Well give me an answer.” My step mom said urging me. “We were trick or treating and like she went to every single house she got a chance she gets. We went to 50 houses Dear Mother. I said smearing my voice. “Uh huh and I should believe you why?” “I got candy to prove it. I said .Chocolate and lots of it for your information! “Sorry sorry sorry I should of believed you. You and Brittney go up stairs, wash up and watch a movie. I’ll make you some popcorn and Ill also put this chocolate up in safe keepings from people like Dad eating candy usually this late. I walked up the stair by the living room sneakily watching her as I little by little going up to my room. My mom smelled the aroma of the chocolate. “Wax chocolate huh?” Crossing her leg over the other.“My favorite.” She whispered to herself and took a bite at the very first piece she reached in for. I started laughing knowing what would become of her in the morning. Getting to my room tiredly, I walk in to my lovely hot pink zebra print bedroom filled with accessories like chandeliers, rug imported from NYC, couch and futon, balcony, stuff like that. Thoughts ran in my head the whole night while I tried sleeping. For instants Brittney was in my head .Why I don’t know? I guess I should give my regards to nothing really. I was bored to death literally. Almost 14 years of life it’s not so fun. Like those vibes I was getting to think about, they weren’t really vibes I guess. My mind probably was just making it up. Cause I’m so boring. I thought sarcastically. And of course that ended my night. Not knowing I’m not having a damn birthday party. The next morning like I was right my mom step mom wouldn’t show her face. “Are you ok Claudia?” I asked her knowing she really wasn’t. “I’m fine just putting make up on and for info Beth I prefer to be called Mom not Claudia.” Claudia yelled out from the master suite gripping at me. “Yes mom.” I replied back to her cheekily. “Bye.” “Happy Birthday you have fun Beth and stay away from the sweets especially chocolate.” Claudia I mean mom said. I managed to make a smile out of what she said.

Ashley came over to pick me up for a sleep over, we were having that night. “Hey where is Morgan?” I asked. “Oh Morgan can’t come for a certain reason.”Ashley said in a questionable tone. “Uh huh and what would that reason be It’s my birthday she always hangs out with me birthday especially today?” I said questioning her. “Out to her grandma’s house.” She said looking at me like I were stupid. “Her grandmas dead.”I said like she was trying to hide something. “Umm she resurrected?” Ashley replied. Yeah whatsoever let’s just get going. I got in the car with Ashlynn and Mrs. Eaton. “Happy Birthday Beth!” Mrs. Eaton said to me. “Aw thank you Mrs. Eaton.” NO problem just glad you’re with us today.” Mrs. Eaton glanced in the rear view of the mirror and asked us if we wanted to go to sonic. Yes we both said hungry. We pulled into the sonic drive through, “What do you girls want?” “I’ll take a burger, fries, and chocolate milkshake.” “Now what do you want Beth?” Mrs. Eaton asked me. “I’ll take a………. like I was taking forever to make a decision. A burger and milk with fries.” “Ok” Mrs. Eaton said. “Good choice.” “Hey girls you know there is a swing set over there if you want to go swing.” “UM sure.” I and Ashley both reply. “Hey I get to go on that swing.” Ashley said. “What are you three?” I said like she was acting stupid. “NO smart one.” We both laughed. “I am not three.” Ashley says taking off her shoes. “I know I said I was just playing.” “Sorry.” I said apologizing for no reason what so ever. “I’m three.” A little girl said sitting on a bench by herself. “Ok”, I said, “nice to no.” Giving her a look of no sympathy. “O my gosh who made these swings a hobo 30 years ago?” Ashley announces swinging very low on the ground. “No.” A familiar voice came back from the little girl’s mouth.” What’s your name sweaty and your bow dropped.” “You should know Briggy.” The little girl says giving me a shameful look and cocking an attitude. I turned around back to Ashley. “"Well?"What did she say?” I asked. I turned around back to the little girl on the bench looking straight, to nothing but blank air.

"Ok that’s pretty freaky." Ashley says turning towards "yea", I said knowing but confused of who she

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