Batman: The Hands of the Ventriloquist

August 11, 2010
By , Prineville, OR
A good or bad idea for a dark Batman animated movie.

Batman: The Hands of the Ventriloquist
Scene 1

Shows Arkham Asylum on a could stormy night. Then lightning flashes showing a hall way with a double door in down the hall. Lighting flashes again showing a hallway with a desk and a glass case across the desk.
Scarface is in a glass case at Arkham Asylum. This was the only thing that the cops could find as evidence. There are two cops looking at the screens eating donuts.
1st Cop: Hey Frank after this shift lets go down by the club.

2nd Cop: I can't my wife wants me home so we can have some "Time" Togather.

1st Cop: Lucky you I got nothing to do except drink the night away.

As the cops are talking the camra backs out to where scarface is in his glass case.
You see scarfaces ugly chiped face with only one eye from being beaten up.

Ventriloquist in a whisper: Scarface come to me, Come see your creator, your father.
Scarface Then moves his right eye the only eye he has and speaks.

Scarface: I will kill Great White then come home.

Ventriloquist: Good my creation and who else will we kill?

Lightning then flashes while looking at scarfaces ugly face.

Scarface yells out: Batman!
Scarface Punches the glass three times till it shattered in pieces.

Then it shows the cops at the desk looking at scarface standing there. The 1st cop reaches for his gun till scarface jumps on the cops face biting his nose. The 2nd cop pulls out his gun and aims it at the puppet on the cops head. Scarface jumps off the face. The Shows scarface plumeting the ground while a sound of a gunshot went.
Scarface started walking while smiling to the exit. While the 2nd cop was shocked that he killed his partner.

Scarface was now outside the Asylum gates.

Scarface:Now to kill Great White and Batman.

Then his face faded into darkness.

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