A Day in Two Lifetimes

July 30, 2010
Another prompt reflecting "Tuck Everlasting". The Question is "what if Miles were ever to come across one of his grandchildren?"

We walked along beside the old horse, who slowly huffed and snorted over the knotty roots of the tall trees. Our parade was slow under the heat of the midsummers sun that shown through the canopy. Water rushed through the rocky river a few feet to our leftI looked ahead a few feet in front of us in the never-ending wood. Along the riverbank where fish flopped in the shallow water. Then, i saw her. She was extraordinarily beautiful, her golden hair fall just down her mid-back, the locks a gorgeous wheat color. Then, the girl turned away from us as she waited patiently near the river, later I would realize she was fishing. It was the least i could do not to run over and there and speak to her i was so drawn to her. It felt as i I'd seen that girl before... as if i'd known her all my life...

Just then it dawned on me. We probably shouldn't be seen, not even this far from Treegap. Ma was still wanted, so where we. I turned to face my family, to tell them to hide, but they were already feet away, beckoning me to follow. My feet were lead as i began to turn away from the girl, but, instead of going toward my family like i should have, my feet took me closer.

The girl leaped into the river at a fish. I was only feet away, wondering why in the world she didn't use a pole. Then, without hesitation, I stepped from the trees and hollered the question; "Don't you think it'd be easier if you used a pole?"

the girl spun around and gasped in shock and surprise. Once recovered, she made her way back to the banks, soaking wet, and looked dead at me.

"Geesh, you sound like my father. And yes. Yes it would be a whole lot easier with a pole, but what fun is that?" she stepped around me and grabbed a towel off a tree branch. The girl looked about my age, give or take a few years. "Sorry, i don't think i got your name." her voice was golden as her hair.

"Miles," i replied.

"Nice to meet you, Miles. I'm Jane, Jane Tuck."

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DiamondsIntheGrass This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 18, 2010 at 9:28 am
nicely written, a little sudden around the middle, though. was tuck everlasting a good book?
TheNovaClytie replied...
Aug. 22, 2010 at 8:36 pm

yea, the best we read in class that year. i loved it, however it wasn't as fast-paced as the books i normally read. 

thanks for the comment!!!

stacy3reds said...
Aug. 17, 2010 at 10:33 pm
Very well written story by a very smart young lady.  I can't wait to read more wonderful works of fiction from this author!
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