Akio Ch7 Insanity strikes

July 25, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a bright Thursday morning. Lezing wanted to make Shuo feel a little better. Mirocho walked in, “Lezing cooks?” Lezing nodded her head, “anything for my Shuo!” “It’s his favorite, “blueberry pancakes.” Mirocho grunted, “Yum!”
Lezing shouted, “Shuo breakfast is ready!” She didn’t get an answer. She put her spatula down stormed into Shuo’s dark room. He wasn’t in his bed. Lezing heard the shower running. She felt something was wrong.
She opened the shower curtain to find a disturbing sight. Shuo was unconscious. He had a deep cut in his wrist. Blood ran down the drain. Lezing screamed, “Akio!” Mirocho walked in and found Lezing cuddled up next to Shuo. “Don’t just stand there please call for help!”
Soon help came rushing over. Bright flashing lights welcomed themselves in front of the building. Zoto and Zota were hovering over the scene. Zoto leaned his head towards Zota, “Looks like we drove Lezing’s little Akio crazy.” Zota giggled, “I bet Norotex is having just as much fun as we are with this scenario.”
Norotex was circling around Shui, “Did you hear about your dear brother?” Shui was in pain but, the moment Norotex mentioned Shuo she jumped in alert. Look at me when I speak Norotex stabbed her with the sharpest knife he could find. “Your brother is going crazy without you.” “He even tried to kill himself.”
“Why you ask?” “You!” “You know I loved your mother.” “Tell me why she left Shui, tell me. Norotex floated to the top of the stairway, “No answer, I thought so!”

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