Akio Ch5 Norotex's confession

July 25, 2010
By , fortwayne, IN
Norotex was pleased to see what Zoto and Zota brought in. Norotex batted his green eyes and gave a devilish grin, “Looks like Christmas has come early.” Zoto looked at Norortex with a frown,”Norotex can we talk alone?” Norotex looked at Zota, “Take the child to the dungeon I’ll deal with her later.” Zoto looked up at Norotex with puddles in his eyes.
“I can’t do this anymore.” Norotex screamed, “What?” “This whole thing it’s all about you getting back at Lezing It has nothing to do with me.” Norotex slammed Zoto against the cement floor, “No it isn’t about you.” “But, you are my tool.” “And like a tool you work when I tell you to work.”
“Now if you don’t mind I have some business to take care of.” “Oh, by the way I need you to attack the boy but, not when Mirocho is around it wouldn’t be a fare fight two on one scary thought isn’t it.” Norotex ran to the dungeon. “Shui my dearest prepare for the worst time of your little innocent life.” Shui’s mouth was covered with layers of duct tape to keep her screams from being heard. “You know Shui your Mother and I have a lot of history.” She was supposed to marry me not your idiotic father. She ran off with him right after she rejected my proposal.”
“Next thing you know it she has two little demons of her own.” Norotex stumbled around the bruised up Shui as if he was under the influence, “Can’t you see Shui, your Mother was supposed to be mine!” “I did everything to make her happy it just wasn’t enough.” “So I did what made me happy I killed Takeshi. “Soon I shall kill all the Gazimas.” But, for more fun I shall torture you slowly.”
As Norotex walked up the stairs he let out an echoing sadistic laugh.

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