Anastasia: The Truth About Cinderella

July 27, 2010
By Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
Kukura DIAMOND, Denver, Colorado
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When I was around seven, my mother got remarried. My sister, Drizella, and I couldn’t have been more delighted! My mother even told us that we’d have another sister. Days on end, we waited for our new father’s arrival with our new sister.

“I hope she’s younger!” Drizella said.

“No, I want an older sister; someone to look up to!” I replied.

Then, the day came where a carriage arrived in front of our house. It was them! I remember being so happy when I heard the horses neighing outside, I could barely contain myself. My mother took both Drizella and I outside to meet our new family.

“Charles!” she cried, running to meet him. He stepped out of the carriage and embraced her. Drizella and I were pleased to see her so happy; it made our hearts race! Then, she stepped out of the carriage. Drizella and I were shocked to see how beautiful she was. She had hair that fell in waves of silk, with the biggest baby blue eyes we had ever seen. But, her beauty was flawed by the dirty look she gave to my mother.

“Why, this must be Cinderella!” my mother said, extending her hand towards the girl.

The supposed Cinderella stared at it. “Father,” she said. “Is this really where we must stay? It is so dreadfully dull here.”

Why that little twerp! I thought.

My mother was rather taken aback by her statement, but her father just laughed it off. “You silly little girl,” he said, patting her on the head. She put on an angelic smile towards him. Then she looked towards us; her smile fading to the dirtiest expression I have ever seen.

As the years passed, we attempted to live together as one happy family. Cinderella’s father, and our step father, was away most of the time, seeing as he was a “big-shot” merchant. My mother, trying to do the best she could while raising three girls, did her very best to please Cinderella. But nothing was ever good enough for her. My mother would ask her to do an occasional chore now and then, but that was just too much for dear little “Cindy.” Cinderella would spend hours, daydreaming and complaining about tasks that could be finished within a few minutes. While Drizella and I would finish our chores and go out to play, Cinderella would claim that she was bullied, being the little step child.

One day, an invitation arrived to the King’s palace to the royal ball. Drizella and I couldn’t believe it! Using our hard earned money from countless chores, we went out and bought beautiful ball dresses; hers a deep violet, mine a royal blue. Yet, Cinderella had no money; she always blew her spare cash on disgusting, little rats that she would talk to instead of working. This caused her to whine and moan about not being able to go. Both Drizella, my mother, and I had absolutely no sympathy for her; we were sick and tired of dealing with her nonsense!

Then, the day of the ball arrived! My mother called for the nicest carriage she could find, seeing as the young prince would be perusing a bride that very night. Drizella and I giggled about how we could be the future Queens of the kingdom. Cinderella snickered as we continued dreaming, but we didn’t pay her any mind. She wasn’t the one going to the ball; we were.

Once we arrived, we were amazed by the elaborate decorations. Our eyes wandered across the brightly lit room, until they landed upon the prince; the beautiful, charming prince. He turned to gaze at the entire room, until his eyes met mine. I looked down and felt a slight blush rise across my face.

“Anastasia, look!” Drizella whispered, tugging on my sleeve. I looked up, and the prince was heading in our direction. He stopped in front of us. We were both star struck. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Drizella’s jaw had dropped. The prince winked at her, then turned his attention to me.

“May I have this dance?” he asked, his deep, suave voice caressing my ears. I dazedly nodded and took his outstretched hand.

We glided across the floor, our feet in perfect harmony. He spun me around, and I spun back in. Our lips were mere inches apart, as I began to lean in. And then, his eyes left mine.

I fell to his feet as his arms relaxed, and dropping me. My mouth fell in embarrassment and anger, when I looked up and saw her. The prince did not mutter a sorry, or even acknowledge that he had dropped me! He simple stepped over me, and walked over to Cinderella. My eyes narrowed as I looked up and down the dress that she had managed to find. Her hair fell in perfect golden locks; her sky blue dress hugging her in all the right places, bringing out her baby like eyes. I saw them immediately connect and begin to dance. My heart broke, replacing the frustration.

Drizella came over and helped me up off the floor. “What a dweeb,” she muttered, as she dusted off my dress. I didn’t say a word to her; I simply walked outside and sat on the tall stairs that lead to the entrance of the ballroom.

I don’t know how long I waited, until I heard voices hollering towards me. I turned just in time to see Cinderella about to crash into me.

“Move it, loser,” she said, nearly tripping over me. As she tried to regain balance, I reached out for her; yet, I only pulled her shoe off. She sent me a dirty look and continued running. I almost threw her shoe at her to deflate that air head of hers, but I am a lady, and I knew that I’d get my revenge eventually.

Soon, the prince ran out. He looked around, and then saw me. My heart raced as he began to walk in my direction again.

“Prince! I thought you’d ne-“ I abruptly stopped as he yanked the shoe out of my hand.

He turned to a servant who had followed him out. “Find the matching shoe,” he said, handing him the shoe. The servant nodded and ran off.

How did he know that was Cinderella’s shoe, I thought, wide-eyed. Maybe he is a creeper...

After that, Drizella and I went home. A few days later, the very same servant showed up at our door. Drizella protested that we hide the shoe, but I insisted that we let him find it. After all, we’ll never have to deal with Cinderella again, I thought.

Drizella hesitantly agreed. Soon, Cinderella was off in the carriage with the servant, off to a better life, or so she thought.

Six months later, she tried to get away from the obsessive king-to-be, and was executed for it. And knowing that, we all lived happily ever after; the end.

The author's comments:
Note: Characters in this story are not mine; this story is only used to parody the common story of "Cinderella"

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on Dec. 6 2010 at 8:47 pm
music_is_my_passion_writing_is_my_soul BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." -Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

very good job of spinning the tables! I love reading alternate-POV stories!

on Aug. 14 2010 at 4:00 pm
HeatherBee BRONZE, I Live In, Texas
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hah omg!! the ending... That was interesting tho to speak in the perspective of the step sis and making cinderella the bratty one. ^^ awesome job! thank you, that entertained me :)

on Aug. 7 2010 at 10:50 pm
Healing_Angel SILVER, Sydney, Other
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I love how you made Cinderella into a spoilt brat!!


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