Blood Stained (part four)

July 27, 2010
“Goodbye?” I asked completely confused. I knew the situation was bad but bad enough to leave, I just didn’t understand. “You can’t go” I said after a moment on the verge of tears. Even though I had only just met him he was the only one of my kind I had seen ever since I had been changed. That connection just made me feel like I couldn’t let him go.

“I have to.” He said pausing to catch his breath. “The more and more they read about me, about our kind. The more they’ll link us to the story, to what we are.” He paused once again. “And the will figure it out or they’ll have there own ideas and connect the dots. They’ll figure it out.” For the first time since I had met him I heard a heave Romanian accent in his voice. For a few seconds neither of us said anything.

“But” I said breaking the science. “Don’t you have like some special powers from living so long?” Just to let you know the longer our kind lives and the more mortal blood they drink they form powers. The first one any vampire forms is being able to be out in the sunlight, which is usually after one of our kind resists the urge to drink for a human, just once. Another could be x-ray vision or even mind erasing.

“You’re talking about erasing peoples memories aren’t you?” I nodded slightly. “Well it’s not the worst idea I’ve heard”

“Thanks” I said sarcastically.

“You know, I really owe you once, Thanks” he paused and turned to look into the forest again. “How will I ever repay you?”

“I don’t know but I’ll think of a way, so don’t worry you little head off.” I replied laughing.

“Well we better start on our way to that stupid mortal school.” He sighed.

“How about a little snack” I pleaded.

“O.k. Just a little.” He laughed

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