Cross Roads ~ Chapter One

July 14, 2010
By Tenshi BRONZE, St.John&#39s, Other
Tenshi BRONZE, St.John&#39s, Other
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I want to reach the people who dare to dream and also those who forgot how to dream. I want the people not to forget what makes life really worth. At least I want to tell them what I think about that. You never should forget to believe in yourself and to go your own way. I think there is not only ONE truth and ways. Everyone can find his own truth.- Strify, lead singer of Cinema Bizarre on Music.

Nora's P.O.V

Waking up that day felt like dieing.

I knew, as I opened my eyes looking arround the orange room at the empty walls and dressers that today would be the day that made my life feel over.

Yesterday had been the last day of school and last night had been my going away party. Though it wasnt much of a party if you saw what I did.

There was me, my boyfriend Kiro, Stella his mom, Strify, Shin, Yu, Romeo, Luminor, Eve, Brittney, Ozzy, Uncle Jon and a few others from school who had come for one last night at the resteraunt with me.

Everyone was fighting back tears as we shared memories. Inside of the mind of many I could see that each bizarre was going out of their mind sad.

When I had first gotten here we had all established a connection beyond comprehension. We called it the mind or many or the pack.

Each of us had powers as when they all came together that day they formed a binding with our minds linking us together so that we could hear eachothers thoughts and talk through our minds.

If you ask me it's not so bad, I don't mind sharing a mind with seven boys. Two of which are gay, my boyfriend and four others who are like my brothers.

We had become a family during my time here in Berlin.

But now it was time for me to go back to Newfoundland where I came from. My year abroad had come to a sad close.

After all it felt like a member of the family was being ripped away. Wait. Thats. Me.

I knew this wouldnt be my last trip to Berlin but it felt like I would never see this all again.

The tears I faught back last night, the battle between good and evil had never been so hard. Yet I was able to hold out until five this morning when everyone finally crashed.

I had stayed up the majority of the night with the boys after everyone else had left. Somewhere in the house I could imagin someone was probly still awake.

The white pillow next to me is still wet from the crying as I refused to leave my comphy bed.

But today it is no longer mine as much as Stella says it is.

The sugar coated " You'll be back soon enough don't worry" crap was going to be my death.

Closing my eyes as tight as I can I wish that I could stay here for ever.

Something stirs next to me.

His breath so sweet a warm on my cheek I turn my eyes to look into his.

"GoodMorning Love" he hums as his grip tightens on me.

"Its not good Kiro, not when I'm leaving for a year!" I begin to cry again.

"Shhh,, its okay Nora." he hums again as I begin to hear foot steps coming up the stairs.

"Nora, I don't mean to disturbe your time with Kiro but you have to get up and get going, You have to check in at the air port in an hour." Stella's voice says in a dull manor as a tear slides down the side of her face.

She too had been closer to me then I had expected.

After only a day she was like my second mother and I was glad to have her a that, she was a best friend too.

Stifling a sob I get up and head to the tiny bathroom located just across from my closet as a built in bathroom was one of the perks I had in this room.

Once out of the shower instead of going wild with hair extentions and teased hair I straightened it and pulled it to one side.

Today I wasn't Nora Katrone, fresh faced newly crowned European star singing in both English and German.

Today I was Nora the girl who was being forced by her parents to leave the world she belongs in.

My makeup was light today as I didnt want everyone to see a holy show if I began to cry again.

When I got out of the bathroom Kiro was sitting on my bed trying his best to pick the lock of my suitcase.

The only one who could was Yu and he was somewhere sleeping.

"One last breakfeast together?" I ask slightly pulling my jean skirt into place.

"Its not our last Nora, its just for a while." His eyes are glossy like mine as we begin to walk down the stairs.

The others are all sitting arround the large breakfeast table as two chairs are left for Kiro and I.

Each sad face moves me, making me want to run somewhere and cry.

There is no sense though.

I have half an hour before the car will leave for the airport.

Little do they know only Stella will be with me.

"I'm not going to say good morning as I know you hate today, so I'll simply say morning as if it were any other day." Strify whispers fighting a tear as I sit down.

"It's alright love." Kiro rubbs my arm gently as I begin to eat the cheese slice covered pancake that Stella made.

It was my favourite breakfeast.

Once we all were finished my last german meal Yu exused himself to grab my bags for me.

Standing in the hallway looking arround at the house filled with memories that will never fade I start to cry again.

This time I feel seven sets of arms hugging me all at once.

"You will never leave our minds and hearts"Luminor crys.

"I dont want to go!" I scream lightly hugging more tightly to them all.

Stella sighs and I know its then time for one last hug from each of them and some final words to be said.

The first one to approach me is Shin.

He was the first one I had met out of all of our group. His platnum blond hair falling into his eyes as you could tell he had been crying. It was early in the morning so he almost looked like a zombie but he was out of all of them the one I was closest to. He was my best friend.

In his hand the glove he wore the first time he and I wrote a song together. It had magic in it as he wore it to every concert I had ever been at and each one was a success.

"Keep this safe for me Nora it turley is magic." he said slipping it onto my right hand hugging me tightly.

Once he stepped back Yu stepped foreward.

Yu had been the strong silent one of our group. His black and red spiked hair was flat as he had straightened it this morning. His tattoo covered arms reminded me of when I finally had the nerve to get my first tattoo for my sixteenth birthday while I was here.

Everyone was scared I would get hurt or cry, but like a stone wall I didn't move and now I have something meaningful to look at when I write.

Slipping a Miyavi chain onto my neck he hugs me tightly.

"Stay safe" he whispers.

Romeo steps up next holding me in a bear hug as he slips a picture of he and I at a dance competition he and I perfromed together at.

Romeo was Yu's twin brother. Unlike his brother he had black hair just past his shoulders, straightened as always. He and his brother shared a love of peircings and tattoos as he had his favorite lip ring in. I could tell he was trying to think positive and send positve energy towards everyone to make today less painful.

It was like Romeo to do that.

Strify comes forward when Romeo let go of me, he and Yu had to go into the living room as well as Shin who was crying like they were.

"Be strong, Bizarre and You. We taught you well Nora you will always be my sister." he smiles through the tears. Tucking a small fake flower into my hair clipping the clip.

Eve and Luminor step together as Strify goes to join the others in the other room.

Of everyone Luminor and Eve were like parents . Luminor was wise and cautious parent who always had his eyes open and never left anyone in the dark.

Eve his boyfriend was the protective one whom you didn't want to mess with. If you so much as looked at me wrongly he would snarl. He also was one to make sure nobody ever got out of control, he was the one most likely to carry me you home if you had been drinking. On the outside of his tough exterior you would never say he had a soft side. If he trusts you enough, he will show you a side you never knew.

They were the ones I turned to for everything.Which made this goodbye one of the hardest ones.

"You will be missed as a singer misses his stage when on a break from the lime light. Take care our little girl has grown, next time you see us you will be fully grown. Dont cry because its over, the journey has just begun. Smile because it happened little one." Luminor cooed tieing a bracelet arround my arm.

It had a crecent moon on it.

"Hold onto hope dear little dove." Eve hummed as they both embraced me one last time.

The smooth touches of both of them their welcoming embrace warmed my face.

Last but not least was Kiro.

This was truley the moment I wanted to die.

From the moment we had met Kiro was the one I knew I loved and would always love. He and I clicked so easily, we had been together for a year now. Ever since my first day here we had been inseporable.

It was like I was losing everything I had ever worked for, everything I had known, loved and cherished.

Will I be able to do this?

Say goodbye, walk away for a year and pretend that I am 'normal' go to a high school where there is no German speaking people, no dance classes for advanced girls. Nothing that would help me?

To lie and hide behind a facade of Nora Shea average school girl. Instead of Nora Katrone, dance team captin of the Berlin Intermediate Bob cats. Professional singer with a chart toping debut album, award winning European tour and a proud member of the bizarre family.

Looking into Kiro's soft green eyes his two toned blond and brown hair falling into his face as I tryed to retain my control.

"You have my heart forever." he cries lightly holding me tightly as he kisses me one last time.

"Nora, Its time." Stella looks with scared eyes.

Pulling away lightly from Kiro I turn to the door unwillingly looking arround as my ears burn hearing the sobbs that are coming from my family.

Kiro takes my hand holding tight as his finger rests on the promise ring he got me.

"Kiro, your not coming with me to the airport. If you come I wont get on the plane." I cry.

Stella takes me in her arms as we walk for the door.

The last thing I remember of that day is the look on Kiro's face when I told him he wasnt coming with me.

He races to me one last time to kiss my lips.

"I love you" he shouts as the car starts down the road.

This was the day, I truley felt like dying.

The author's comments:
This chapter was inspired by the protagonist Nora, she feels like she is dieing as she wishes she didn't have to leave Berlin. Little does she know her story is far from over

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