Sondeo Chapter 4

June 7, 2010
By welcome2lolzville SILVER, Taylors, South Carolina
welcome2lolzville SILVER, Taylors, South Carolina
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“THERE!” THAT’S THE REAL PROBLEM!” Axel pointed out. dozens of robots were marching towards their position. “Well, Axel. It was nice knowing ya.” He said to himself. “CHAAAARGE!” The robots, and the humans raced across the forest to meet at the central point. Axel held out his arm. So his Trivium mech followed suit but then a hatch opened and a large cannon swung out of the top of it. KA-ZRRRRK! KA-ZZZZZRK! A robot machine was disintegrated. Then Axel picked up one of the larger machines and flew to the sky. Up in the clouds he started to slap the machine across the cockpit. Then he through above him did a front flip (still in the clouds) and caught the machine by its legs. He started to swing it around in a 360 faster and faster. And then. STOPPED! KRUNCH! The rest of the machine flew off while Axel was still holding the de-bodies legs. Then he swiftly jetted over to the falling machines and placed a bomb into the cockpit. “GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!” SHOOOOOOOOOOO! And then. KA_BOOOOOOM! A large firecloud temporarily filled the sky as he jetted back down. “Lets’ do that again!”

Ryo was still sitting on the bench. Hours passed on as the trio sat there in silence. The medlab was slowly beginning to empty out. Habato started up conversation to pass the time. “So, uh. I never caught your name.” he said. The pilot to his left turned around from gazing into space. “Oh, its Flint.” the pilot said. For some reason that totally dropped the conversation. Possibly because Ryo gasped as the “In Use” light turned off. Shortly after, the doctor came out with his clipboard. “He’s gonna be ok.” he said. “YEEEEESSSSS!” Habato yelled. It caught everyone in the room by surprise after long silence. “But, he is gonna have to rest. For a long time Whatever you did to him has damaged his body. But, anyways, just give him about a week of rest, then he should be back to normal.” The doctor said and then walked away. A nurse wheeled Vic out of the emergency room and into the elevator. Ryo, Flint, and Habato all felt their legs pop when they stood up out of their six hour long stance.

BLOOOP! BLOOOOP! BLOOOOOP! The alarm sounded. Takeshi put on his battle armor and walked over to the elevator. TIIING! The door opened, and he walked in. Then just as it was closing Hitomi slipped in. “I don’t wanna see you.” Takeshi said. “LOOOK! TAKESHI! You better listen and you better listen good.” Hitomi said. Takeshi hit the switch and the door opened. He walked out and then it slam shut. Hitomi stood there teary-eyed. Then the elevator went down. He took the opposite elevator. “Hey, buddy.” Ha-Ya-To stopped him in his tracks. “YOU!” Takeshi threw Ha-Ya-To on the floor. Ha-Ya-To pulled him down and pressure-pointed Takeshi’s neck. Then he flipped Takeshi onto his stomach and did the same to his back. Then he held down his arms. All this happened in a sequence of about three seconds. Ha-Ya-To was a master black belt.

ZRRRRKK! ZKKRRRR! The blasterfire was intense and the constant threat of being crushed by falling trees was life threatening as Axel’s squad slowly progressed through the robot army in the jungle. Twice he had been knocked out of his machine. Dodging blasterfire he climbed back into his battle machine and started to oppress the robots. ZRRRK! ZRRRRK! He turned on his electric sword. SHIIIING! SHIIIING! He sliced through a wave of robot with two sweeps. He was amazed by Trivium’s power. He jumped up and threw the sword at a large battle machine. Then he jetted over as the machine blasted to pieces. He pulled it out and swiped the robots to the side. Then he hit a button and large sparking rod came out of Trivium’s arm. Then it activated. SHHHRAKWEAERWWEARRRK! High voltage electricity swept through the robot fleets. KLUINK! All the machines were silenced and defeated as they fell to the ground.

“What’s the matter with you?” Ha-Ya-To asked putting Takeshi into a headlock. Knowing that resisting would be hopeless, Takeshi let go. “You tick me off Ha-Ya-To.” he said. “Look. For the last time. It’s not what you think.” BLOOOP! BLOOOOP! BLOOOOP! The alarm still sounded. It was time for action and yet they were still in the barracks. “I pulled one of my low-down pranks and screwed it up. Hitomi was tanning and I had the ice water.” Takeshi broke free in the middle of his sentence. He charged toward Ha-Ya-To. Using Takeshi’s momentum against him, Ha-Ya-To caught Takeshi by the head and twirled in around in a circle and then set Takeshi on the floor. He was too dizzy to resist giving Ha-Ya-To the time to pin him again. “Just listen. She was trying to beat me up. OK! Not what you think. She was tanning and hadn’t changed. She was too mad. It’s my fault!” Ha-Ya-To said. Takeshi broke free again, but this time he ran from Ha-Ya-To and into the elevator. Not looking back once, he pushed the button and sped down to the battle machines.

“YES!” Sun had been trapped in the cave for almost two days when she found a source of light. She had stumbled upon when she walked through the gloom corridors. It was a glow rod. She hadn’t know where it came from or whose it might have been but she knew it was her ticket out of the cave. It was relatively high on battery but she wasn’t about to waste it. She turned it on and set it to low light. She started to walk through the caves, feeling dominant of the surroundings she once stumbled through. “I need to find the exit to this horrible place. Before something finds me and decides where I should be on the food chain.” Sun said to herself. She walked through the passageways with a brisk pace. She felt as if the exit was only a step away with each passing minute. She walked around the cave for hours. Then she heard something. Blasterfire. Off in the distance. She realized it must have been the robots that had followed the strange beast the day before. She needed a suitable weapon to defend herself so she headed in the direction of the robots.

SHOOOOOO! As the doors to the Tenchi Bridge opened, Takeshi inside the Grand Titan expected the bridge to be a clean site in a glossy morning of dew. Instead he got a dark, and cloudy afternoon with battle machines and blasterfire everywhere. He saw Hikaru’s battle machine in midair warding off a Sonic Phantom. The Grand Titan ran, it’s claws wide open Takeshi sliced through waves of robots without stopping. He caught up with Hikaru. “Hey buddy!” For a second he thought it was Hikaru, but then he realized as he turned around it was Ha-Ya-To. In his new mech, the “Solar”, Ha-Ya-To sped over to Takeshi. It took every bit of his training not to open fire sending Ha-Ya-To off the bridge and ending it right there. So he ignored him and turned to Hikaru. “Hey, need some help?” Takeshi asked. Hikaru turned around still holding the Sonic Phantom. “Ya, carry this.” He threw the dual-engine machine at Takeshi. Takeshi lunged at it but then it flew away half-flying, half falling. “Ya, gotta be faster.” Hikaru said inside the mech pointed at his forehead.

As Ryo, Habato, and Flint pushed Vic’s holocart over to the tv, he came to and said, “Who…Oh. Hey, guys. Where am I?” “In the medlab.” Habato said. “Vic looked over at Flint. “Hey, I remember you being trapped with Habato.” he said. “Yes, I uh…was captured by the robots. They thought I was some sort of “Exy pilot.” Flint said. “Exo-Force.” Habato corrected him. The stopped at the tv and grabbed some chairs. “So what do you wanna watch, Vic?” “Hold on. Where did you come from?” Vic asked curiously. “Uh, well uh… I came from an old colony way back in the jungle. But uh…” His voice trailed off. “Like a tribe?” Ryo asked. “Ya. I just..uh…well. Ok. I am not supposed to talk to outsiders. And then I get captured with this guy, and this guy saved me and now I am here.” Flint said. “What’s the name of your tribe?” Vic asked unfazed by the secrets he was just revealed. After a few seconds of regret Flint finally said, “Sondeo.”

“Oh here we go.” Sun thought. She really thought she beginning to go insane, and talking to herself would just make it worse. Let alone allowing who knows to hear her mumbling through the cave. She had found the site of where the robots killed off the strange beast. Yet, along with the rotting corpse, robot pieces were scattered across the small cavern. She had found two blasters, six full power cells, one empty one, and miscellaneous items she could use to find her way through the cave. She found a flint rock and started a fire. She had what seemed to be an everlasting fire as one piece of robot burned for days. Because she was in the cave, no bugs or diseases had caught on to the dead beast so she had him for a week of dinner. One of the robots had a large machete that she used to hunt beasts. As the weeks turned into months she really thought that no one would ever find her.

“Sondeo?” Vic looked puzzled. He sat up in the holo cart and looked around the medlab. Almost empty. Nobody had been here except for us and the reception lady. He looked back at Flint. “I’ve heard of that group before.” he said. “Yes well…” Flint’s voice trailed off. “Are you a protected people?” Ryo asked Flint. “Oh ya. We got a battalion of the best warriors on this planet. “What weapons do you use?” “We make use of the wreckage we find often which we use in our own laser guns, energy swords, and even small mechs. “I am a leader among the Element.” Flint said. “What is, the “Element?” Vic asked. He leaned up a little farther, carefully easing his way to the edge of the cart. “A group of four, the leaders of Sondeo.” Habato gazed at him in awe and wonder. “The Element is Flint, Jade, Ore, and Aqua.” Flint continued. “Where could we find the people of Sondeo?” Habato finally asked. “Flint looked down at the floor in sorrow. “I am sorry, but I cannot help you with that.” Flint said with finishing words. “I am going back home now, it was a honor to meet you all.” With that he walked away to the hanger. Inside he boarded a sleek, silver craft and flew away, back to his homeland.

The author's comments:

Sondeo was created by me in 2007 on the Lego EXO FORCE FAN FICS Message Boards. The names of certain persons, vehicles, and places etc. are the property of LEGO! THE EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE COMPLETELY ORIGINAL, but once more, CERTAIN persons, vehicles, places, etc. have been named and copyrighted by LEGO.

Yeah, but anyways I wrote this a while ago, as stated. It was actually a bunch of posts I improvised into a story. This was the final product after I edited it in Word.

The events I created take place around the events in the main Exo Force storyline.

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