Sondeo Chapter 1

June 7, 2010
By welcome2lolzville SILVER, Taylors, South Carolina
welcome2lolzville SILVER, Taylors, South Carolina
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“Report.” Sensei Keiken said as he sat down at his desk. He turned around and watched the battle unfold below. “Uh. Well sir, we have at least five more injuries. And robot reinforcements seem to keep coming.” replied Axel. Sensei shifted in his seat. “What of the prototypes?” he asked. “Well, Ryo and I have actually been tending to injuries for the last couple of-” “AXEL. You have skipped your work so you could slack off to other people’s jobs?” Sensei raised his voice. “Well-we have some medical experience and-“ “Axel! Your duty is in the labs creating new battle machines.” “Yes sir. Oh, we have heard word of the Marx Squad progressing down in the jungles.” “Yes, I know. But you and your entire crew are to work an extra three hours today. Now go.” “Yes…sir” Axel left the room.

ZRRK! ZRRRK! BOOOM! Sun blasted her way through a wave of robot machines. Above, she saw a pilot and a Sonic Phantom go at it. KLANG!! What was that? She looked behind her. I robot was clinging onto the back of her machine with a gun pointed at her. ZRRRK! ZZZRK! It hit her control panel, which sparked. Then her machine powered down and fell to the ground. The robot got crushed under it. She got out and realized where she was. “Oh no.” The waves of robots she had passed hadn’t noticed her, but she froze. She pulled out her blaster and started to sneak over behind one of the robot’s machines. SSSSSS! “YEEEOOOOW!” she yelled. She picked up her foot and saw an orange hot piece of shrapnel between her toes.
The robot machines turned around. “Blast the human.” they said. “AUUUAGH!” Sun yelled in agony. She started running towards the robots base. Sun turned around. They were closing in on her. She then spotted a pole coming from below the bridge. She had no choice but to jump over and slide down it. Her hands had lost a layer of skin by the time she slid down to an opening in the mountain. “A cave?” she said. The robots started to follow her. She ran inside, reaching for her communicator. “WHA-GONE!” She realized that she left it in her battle machine. ZZRRK! ZRRK! The robots followed her into the dark cave. Only four had made it in when the opening to the dark cave had slammed shut. The shrapnel on her foot still gave off light but she began to get light-headed.

SHOO! The security door opened and Axel stepped inside. He gazed at the large battle machines have repaired as he walked by. Ryo was on the bench eating a sandwich and talking to a fellow tech beside him. “We got to work three extra hours today.” Axel said. “Ok. I need to catch up on some work anyway.” Ryo replied calmly. “What? Why aren’t you all mad.” Axel asked. “We slacked, we pay for it.” Ryo said. “I know, but…man. This stinks!” Axel said. “It is what it is. You cant change that.” Ryo said calmly. “Ya your right.” Ryo, got up from the bench and walked over to his desk. “Hey, check this out.” he said. He pushed a button on his computer. Then, a panel opened on the wall and a large scorched, and half repaired battle machine was wheeled out. “My old mech? I thought you threw that out.” Axel said. “Watch this.” Ryo said as the mech sparked to life.
“Wow!” Axel said. The mech floated with its new jets, and had spotlights beside it. It had a turret on it. Everything else was still broken, but just the site of it made Axel cheery. “What’s its name?” he asked. “Trivium.” Ryo replied. The mech turned around. Three booster engines were being installed. “It is mostly called that for the tri-assault blasters I am putting on it.” Ryo said. Then Hitomi walked in. “Hitomi reporting for duty.” she said. “Good, can you go get some fuel rods from those crates over there?” Ryo pointed somewhere behind him. “Sure.” she said. “Hey, can I try it out.” Axel said. “Ya, just don’t go flying near the robots, it has no armor and needs repairs.” Ryo said. Two huge doors on the roof opened up revealing the blue sky. Axel got into Trivium and activated it. WEEEEOOOOW! “TRIVIUM MODEL 001 ACTIVATED”. It said. Then Axel took off into the sky. SHOOOOOOOOOO!

“So what’s new with you?” “Huh-what?” Vic woke up. He had fallen asleep in his post. His friend Habato asked “Helloooo, what’s new with you?” “Oh, sorry.” Vic looked over the tower he was standing on. “Uh, nothing. Nothing much. I hear up on the bridges is where everything is happening.” Vic said. (ruffle in bushes) “What was that?” Habato asked. Vic looked at a row of bushes. “There is something moving over there.” he said as he pointed to some tall trees. Habato got out his blaster and snuck over there. The movement went backward to another bush. And then backward again, and again. Vic watched as his friend left the outpost. Then an eerie silence came over the jungle. Vic pulled out his blaster. He looked up. It was almost night. “Habato?” he called out. “Habato?” He lowered the tower and stepped onto the jungle ground. “Habato!” he repeatedly called but no one answered.

Sun took off her pilot vest to protect her hands, and wrapped it around the hot shrapnel on her foot.. She pulled and tugged at it with all her might. “OOOOOWW!” she yelled. She managed to jiggle it a little when she heard something in the darkness. “The human is over here, I see the heat.” It’s those robots that got stuck in here with me. She began to stumble through the darkness, trying to find the exit to the cave. Then Sun, saw a red light. LIGHT FROM THE ROBOTS EYES! She ran with her hands in front of her until she ran into a wall. “THERE FOLLOW IT!” Sun curled up in a ball on the ground, trying not to make a sound. CLUNK! CLUNK! CLUNK! CHICKA CHICKA CHICKA! The robots ran toward her, cocking their guns. Sun could hear some strange hollowing echoing deeper in the cave. They were coming right for her. She covered her mouth and tried not to yell. Then the robots ran right past her, and toward something larger.

ZRRRK! ZRRRK! The robot’s opened fire on some kind of beast. It ran deeper yelping and crying. It sounded young. They chased it down and deeper. The cave was wet. Robot voiced began to fade and echo, and the yelping even fainter. Sun was almost terrified. Beads of sweat slowly began to form on her cold head. Should I follow the robots? Maybe I could use their communicators? Would I get killed? Why am I here? Who made this cave? Who closed the cave? What was the beast? Are there more creatures? Is there one right next me waiting to eat me alive? “AAAAAUGH!” Sun yelled. She began to panic. That’s when she heard loud thump’s above her head. Pebbled began to fall on her. She realized what was happening. “ITS CAVING IN!” she yelled.

“WOW!” Axel said as he flew through the night sky. Trivium was going faster than ever before. “This is awesome, I can see the whole mountain from up here.” he said to himself. Axel and Trivium flew through sections of clouds, and raced birds in the sky; only to see them get really crispy when they flew by the jets. “Man, I could fly you all-“ BEEP! BEEEP! BEEP! Axel’s communicator beeped. “Hello?” “Axel, I know you just got up there, but we got a situation. “What?” “Vic Ries from the Marx squad and his partner at the jungle outpost have gone missing.” “WHAT!” Axel flew back down to the Sentai Foretress. There, he and other pilots boarded their mechs and went to the hanger for a briefing. There Sensei Keiken told them, “Pilots, two of your teammates have gone missing. We need you to go into the jungles and recover them. “YES SIR!” All the pilots replied. Then the hanger doors opened up to an elevator connected to the jungle.

Vic walked deeper into the dark jungle. He had stopped shouting for his friend; for he was in robot territory now. Vic had never been this deep in the forest. He had heard tales of robot death traps made all over this part of the jungle, so he was careful where he stepped. “Where could Habato have gone?” VRRRR. Suddenly, he heard a noise. It got louder ever second. Then he saw lights. It had robots on it. A scout vehicle. It was several yards away when it passed him. Still Vic hid behind a tree trunk and took no chances. He was then more cautious as he realized there was more signs of robot activity with each passing step. Every now and then he encountered scout vehicles as he trudged through the dark jungle. Vic saw traps almost everywhere now. Well, if I’m not dead yet, then I most be getting close. But close to what, he did not know.

The author's comments:

Sondeo was created by me in 2007 on the Lego EXO FORCE FAN FICS Message Boards. The names of certain persons, vehicles, and places etc. are the property of LEGO! THE EVENTS IN THIS STORY ARE COMPLETELY ORIGINAL, but once more, CERTAIN persons, vehicles, places, etc. have been named and copyrighted by LEGO.

Yeah, but anyways I wrote this a while ago, as stated. It was actually a bunch of posts I improvised into a story. This was the final product after I edited it in Word.

The events I created take place around the events in the main Exo Force storyline.

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