New Moon (Sequal to Twilight) In About 5 Minutes

May 30, 2010
*Dramatic piano Music*
(Edward and Bella stand outside of Bella's house by the truck)
Bella: It's my birthday
Bella: Kiss me.
Edward *Scared look* uhh... Okay?
*They kiss*

(At the Cullen Mansion thingie. Everyone is in a circle)

Alice: It's time! It's Time! Bella, open your presents.
Bella: But I don't like-
Alice *Devilish look* OPEN THEM!!!
Bella: Okay, Okay! Sheesh.
*Bella opens package and gets a papercut. Blood squirts out everywhere*
Bella: Ahhh!! Call a doctor!!
Jasper: *Looks at bella and licks lips* tasty.....
Edward: NOOO!!! *Pushed bella into piano*
Bella: OW!
Edawrd: Sorry......*Hits Jasper* I was trying to protect you.......
Bella: You didn't do a good enough job. *Walks away.
Emmett: Remind me why you like her?
Edward: *sighs* I don't know anymore...Let's leave her.

(Edward and Bella are outside in woods)

Edward: Bella I'm leaving.
Bella: But Edwrad-
Edward: *hides behind a tree*
bella: *Hyperventalates*
*Jacob comes out of nowhere*
Bella: Jacob! I love you now that Edward's not here!
Jacob: *Shrugs* I'll take it!

(*Later on*)

Bella: Let's build a bike!
Jacob: When did you like Bikes?
Bella: Shut up and build us some bikes that we can ride romantically into the sunset with....*Smiles and looks lovingly away*

Jacob: Hop on Bells!
bella: *Smiles brightly* OKAY Jackee! *Hops on and rides off a cliff into the sunset*
(End Daydream)

Bella: *Shakes herself out of daydream*
Bella: Let us ride into the sunset!
Jacob: Where have you been all month.....?
Bella: *Hops on back of the bikes* Let's go Jake! I wanna feel the adrenaline rush!
Jacob: *Gulps* Kay then....
Bella: *Sees figure of Edward* EDDY!
Edward: I'm not real! Leave me alone!
Bella: *Crashes into a rock* Kay then *Sniffle*

(Bella and Jacob at Bella's house)

Alice: Ding-DONG! I'm at the door! *Knocks on door and then breaks it down*
*BElla and Jacob stare with eyes wide open*
Bella: Alice!!*Hugs her*
Alice: Bella! *Sniff-Sniff* You smell great....
Bella: I'll go away now....
Alice: NO! Edward thinks you're dead. He's Gunna go commit suicide!
Bella: Can vampires do that?
Alice: Only the sparkly, magical, soft,non-sharp-toothed Cullens can! *Beams with pride*
Jacob: Bella don't go!
Bella: No, Jake. Now that Edwrad's back, I love him. You will just have to wait your turn.
Jacob: But I'm a werewolf!
Bella: *Eyes widden* When did that happen?!?
Jacob: A While ago. We just didn't mention it cause it was so obvious. Did you see any of the New Moon trailers? That ruined everything!
Bella: True. I still gotta go.
Jake: *Whimpers*

(Outside in Rome)

Alice: GO BELLA!
Bella: OKAY! *Trips over fountian* Ouch!!!
Edward: *Walks into sun*
Bella: EDWARD NO!!!
Edward: *Looks at Bella* GOD! Can't this chick leave me alone?
Bella: *Hugs Edward* RUNNN!!!!
Edward:*Sigh* You won't let me be, will you?
Bella. No. I'm persistant *Insane laugh*
Edward *Sarcastic laugh* yes you are....*Sigh* Let's go home.

(On a plane home)

Bella: Okay. Edward- um...I've been meaning to ask you something. ..
Edward: *Sigh* What is it, Bella.
Bella: Will you marry me?
Edward: *Scoffs* NO!
Bella:*Grab's Edwards Earlobe* Do it or I'll seduce you....
Edward: Okay okay!!!!!
Bella: *Smiles* YEA!!!!!

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JessieBecker said...
Jun. 11, 2010 at 4:21 pm

LMAOOO! I loveeeee this. check out some of myy worrkk pleeeaaassseee(:


Anndie said...
Jun. 11, 2010 at 3:51 pm
Amazing! Totally hilarious, I love this, it was better than the movie, haha, two thumbs up for that one :D
Te_Amo_Mis_Amigos replied...
Jun. 12, 2010 at 4:24 pm
*takes a bow* I think this is my best work yet... once Eclipse comes out, as in, the day it does, I'll have my version on here. keep viewing and thank you! replied...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 1:31 pm
lmao! SUPPER FUNNY! i love it imma tell morgan seth and austin tomarow about it so they can hear lol hilrerous very well done *big appluase* :)
Megan96 replied...
Jun. 14, 2010 at 5:08 pm
Fallen_Freak replied...
Jul. 3, 2010 at 9:30 pm
OMG a hundred views!!!!!
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