Xana is back- part 2

June 4, 2010
“It’s good to be back!” Aelita whispered, as the scanner whirled around her, to take her to the surreal world of another dimension. A world known as Lyoko. The companions landed directly in the forest sector. Nothing had changed since they left it. The trees still stretched endlessly up, on the various platforms floating in midair. Jeremie stared in wonder.

“I never realized it would be so magnificent in person,” he sighed.

“You’ve been her once before.” She chided, though she was clearly in awe herself.

“Yes,” he paused thoughtfully, “but never this sector.” He then gazed down at his Lyoko attire. He was dressed in a blue and aqua long sleeved leotard type piece, with black tights, and elfish pointed black shoes. He noticed black shoulder pads on the sleeves, decorated with spades.

“I guess I’m a card!” he smiled.

“To be shuffled and dealt with.” She replied with a dominant grin.

Then he realized, he had no apparent weapon.

“Aelita!” he groaned, “Help me find my weapon… I must have something around here…”

“Your glasses, maybe?” she suggested helplessly.

He removed his glasses, which had been apparently replaced with a silver mask which seemed to have corrective lenses in it.

“No, I don’t think so.” He frowned, “I can’t fight without a weapon… I knew this was a mistake…”

He began to pace. “Aelita, I’m useless to you here! I’m a liability. You’ve got to devirtualize me, so I can at least man the computer.” He pleaded with his eyes.

“No, wait, Jeremie. I think I have an idea. Look on your chest, the computer key on it appears to be removable, take it off and see what it does.”

Jeremie complied, surprised to see that the key was easily removable, as it appeared to be holstered by a golden hook squarely in the middle of his chest.

“Now what?” he questioned anxiously, growing steadily more impatient.

“I don’t know, but here come some Megatanks and some Hornets! So… think fast… try throwing it at them and see what happens.”

Jeremie sighed complacently, and pulled his wrist back, launching the key in midair. It hit the first Megatank directly on the target. The monster was not destroyed, however. Instead, a remarkable thing happened. The monster began fighting the other monsters.

“Wow! What a great weapon, dislodge it, and try it again. He approached the bowling-ball-like creature. The monster willingly allowed him to remove the computer key, but as soon as he did, the monster began quickly attacking him. He was standing right in the path of a perfect fire on XANA’s part, when Aelita quickly tackled him out of the way.

“I forgot how uncoordinated you are for a second there!” she declared, grinning self righteously.

He gave a tiny, sheepish grin, “It would appear as though this weapon controls XANA’s monsters in our favor. But I only seem to have one, so I only get to control one monster each time.

End of “episode” 1 part 2 of “season 5”

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Aelita said...
Jul. 21, 2010 at 8:25 pm
Hey everyone!  I just posted parts 3-8 on Teenink.  Please check them out!  I'm eager to hear what you think!
Aelita said...
Jul. 16, 2010 at 1:41 pm
Hey everyone!  I see that people are reading, but not commenting or rating, please do!  I'd love to hear your feedback!  Parts three and four are on the way.
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