May 22, 2010
By Anonymous

His squishy little face with rosy cheeks and pink blushed lips. Eyes so brown that it made me want to stare at them until I felt myself gazing off. His tiny head caressed by wet little curls and his cheeks dotted with perfect brown freckles. Dimples that looked so perfect. Every feature so gentle and sensitive that I was almost afraid of hurting him even though I saw my arms as puffy clouds and he was nothing but a resting snowflake. I was blessed with a baby that looked like an angel to me. So that's exactly what I called him, Angel. I look up to see all of my close friends and family taking in this moment with me. Inside I feel dismayed as I think about me being a 16 year old teenager with the job of a 30 year old.

The author's comments:
The description of a new born baby named angel is exactly how i picture my baby to look like.....

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