The Lesson

May 13, 2010
There once was a farm spread out over rolling green hills in the sunny country of Kentucky. This farm included many different farm animals such as: ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats, and horses. One of the horses, an old grey mare named Star, had a colt named Krammer. Krammer was a dark bay with striking white markings on his face and legs. He was a handsome colt, who was always happy and very friendly.

One day Krammer told his mother, Star, he was going out to play, but his mother said, “No honey you did not clean your stall like I asked you to. You are not going out to play.” This made the little colt sad, but he said, “Alright fine I won’t go play. But may I go out in the pasture to graze?” “Sure,” his mother replied. Instead of going out to graze like he told his mother, Krammer went to his friend’s doghouse. When he knocked on the door his friend, Tucker, answered, “Hi-ya Krammer!” Looking down at the basset hound puppy with long, floppy ears, Krammer smiled and replied, “Hey Tuck, you want to come play with me?” “Sure!” said the puppy, and the two animals took off towards the river, their favorite spot on the farm.

At the river, the two came to an abrupt halt at the edge of the raised bank overlooking the river a few feet below. “It looks like the water is running fast today,” commented Tucker. “Yeah and it looks pretty deep.” “I don’t think we should go swimming today.” “Aww, come on chicken it will be fun,” cooed Krammer. “You go first,” says Krammer. Tucker, looking worried said, “I dunno…” “Chicken! Chicken! Chicken,” teased Krammer. “Alright I’ll jump in, but you have to promise you will jump in after me.” “Okay.” After hesitating for a second Tucker jumped in, when he resurfaced he was coughing, and he cried, “Help me!” Tucker was being swept downstream, so Krammer ran alongside him. Krammer did not know what to do or how to help.

At last, the water started to calm down and Tucker was able to swim ashore. “Are you alright,” asked Krammer very concerned about his friend. “No, I hurt my paw very badly,” he said with pain in his voice. “Can you walk?” Tucker tried to walk, but fell and replied, “No.”

Meanwhile back at the farm, Star decided to go check on Krammer in the pasture. When she does not see him she ran all over the place calling his name. “Krammer! Krammer! Where are you?” Then she ran into the barn calling his name and asked if anyone had seen him. “Have you seen Krammer,” Star asked Betty, the mother cat. “No I have not is he missing?” “Yes, and I am worried sick about him!” She then ran out of the barn and saw Mini, the black and white kitten playing with a ball of yarn. She trotted up to Mini and asks, “Have you seen Krammer?” “Yes, I saw him trotting towards Tucker’s dog house.” “Thank you so much!” Star exhaled and started off toward the doghouse. When she reached the door she cried, “Anybody home?” A medium size basset hound named Sheba came out and said, “Star what is the matter?” Star quickly replies, “Have you seen Krammer?” “Yes Krammer and Tucker went to the river to play.” “But farmer Joe said the river is high because of the storms!” “Oh-no! Come on let’s go!” They both raced to the river where they found Tucker and Krammer. “Krammer,” Star called with a sigh of relief. “Tucker?” Sheba said questioningly as she noticed tucker’s paw lifted up to avoid pressure. “I got swept down the river and I hurt my paw Mom,” cries Tucker. “You poor thing! What on earth were you thinking,” she scolds. “ I’m sorry.” Sheba carried Tucker back to the farm where farmer Joe gently wrapped his paw.
Meanwhile, back at the farm Star talked to Krammer. “Why would you lie to me,” she said. “Because you would not let me go play.” Yes but that does not mean you are allowed to lie! I was worried sick about you, Krammer.” “I’m sorry Mom,” “You should be, but now you have learned your lesson lying is bad.” “Yes I have and I also learned it can hurt your friends.” “Mom I told Tucker to jump,” cried Krammer. “Krammer that is awful! He could have died!” I know I’m sorry I won’t ever lie again.” “Good, now go apologize to Tucker and his mother, and tell her that it is your fault then come straight back and go to your stall as punishment.” “Okay,” Krammer replied as he walked toward Tucker and his mom. “Tucker I am sorry I told you to jump when I knew it was not safe and Mrs. Sheba I am sorry I caused Tucker to hurt his paw.” “It is alright Krammer,” replied Sheba knowing Krammer has learned his lesson. Then Tucker smiled and said, “It is okay I forgive you too.” “Friends?” asked Krammer cautiously. “Friends,” Tucker said smiling. After that day Krammer realized lying can hurt people you love a lot, and from that point on he never lied again.

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