Who Wrote This? Part Four

May 1, 2010
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Harry woke up; still in the chair he was sitting in the night before. He remembered what happened the night before with Hermione and wondered if it was a dream, also wondered if this was all some conspiracy against him or really a fan fiction.
Harry looked at a clock it was only 9:34 am, so he went down to breakfast.
“Harry! Good job on catching a girl last night!” Ron said with added sarcasm. It was official. Harry thought Hermione is really my girlfriend.
“Thanks.” Harry replied sitting down and loading food into his plate.
“Your girlfriend already ate; she headed for her first class. But…” Fred started to say.
“…she was a bit taken aback when she didn’t see you here yet.” George finished.
“She’ll just get over that.” Harry said with a mouth full of toast.
“Really Harry. Do you honestly think she’s good enough for you?” Ron asked.
“Yea, come one she’s smart as hell, beautiful, muggle born; those girls are really hot; and she’s bound to be rich one day.” Harry told.
“Well I wanted to date her first.” Ron muttered.
“What?” Harry said.
“I won’t say I told you so,” Lupin had butted in, again.
“Where do you keep popping up from?!” Fred and George both asked.
“I don’t know.” Lupin said looking around.
“I told you…it’s the fan fiction writer!” Ginny said.
“OH…MY….FREAKIN…GOD!” Harry screamed.
“What?” Lupin asked.
“The girl, the room, the black out,” Harry said as a light bulb lit up above his head.
“What room? What girl? What black out?” Goyle asked walking by.
“Got to go,” Harry said grabbing a piece of toast and running out the Great Hall.
“I think he saw some girl’s snoging,” Fred whispered to George making them both burst out in laughter.

Finally back at the ‘Room of Requirements’, Harry cautioned himself to not faint again. Pushing open the door the girl was still there, bent over as ever.
Harry didn’t say anything this time, and walked up behind the girl. Looking over her shoulder she seemed to be writing in what looked like an old journal, yellowing crinkled pages. She furiously wrote. Harry watched as what she wrote is what he thought.
“You?” Harry said dumbfounded.
“Me what?” she asked still writing.
“You are the fan fiction writer. Now will you please stop messing up my world?” Harry asked trying to sound tough.
“I can do whatever I want. I’m not done. You cant stop me in the middle, my readers would be displeased.” The writer told.
“Readers?! You have readers?!” Harry half squeaked.
“Yeah, though I suggest you go to that little secret passages way were you got to and from Hogsmeade in your 3rd year.” She told.
“Why??” Harry asked.
“Just go,” she told and Harry walked out. Just like that? Do I have no self control?????????

In the passage he heard voices. “What if Harry finds out?” a guy said.
“Harry’s to dumb to find out.” A second guy said.
“I’m like his best friend…” the first guy said, “and I know you and him have a relationship thing.”
Harry instantly knew who that was, running to them, caught them, arm in arm, hugging, so close.
“Draco!” Harry screamed.
“Harry, I’m sorry. You weren’t willing to have a decent relationship with me so I moved on. Besides you’ve got that pretty Hermione. Just don’t forget to tell her you’re bisexual.” Draco said coldly.
“She’s only a cover up. So no one would have suspected us!” Harry argued.
“Fine then, I’ll go take her and you two can have each other.” Ron decided.
“That’s fine.” Harry said.
“Okay.” Draco said.
“I’ll just be going now.” Ron told walking off.

Ron met up with Hermione at lunch and gave her the scoop of what was going on.
“No.” Hermione protested.
“What come on I love you.” Ron cooed.
“AH!” Hermione screamed as loud as she could.
“Bloody hell Hermione!” Ron said after Hermione finished screaming.
“Wow.” Ron said amazed.
“Fred Weasley is my secret lover!” Hermione screamed.
“Hermione…you weren’t supposed to tell anyone yet…” Fred said annoyed.
“What?!” Ron said.
“Just like I told Harry; Sirius and I had a special friendship just like you and Harry.” Lupin said.
“What?” Ron said, “Bloody hell I’m confused.”

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5star_writter_mone said...
Jul. 29, 2010 at 2:55 pm
ok like i said it was funny but stupid funny and it was really cool keep writting plz
TaKeN_FoR_LiFe_42410 said...
May 15, 2010 at 10:10 pm
I got to say this one had me laughing, but still it is like ya is making fun of the Harry Potter bookss.....
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