The Dark Witch

April 26, 2010
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Prologue: News Clippings

Daily Prophet March 8, 1980
Witch Murders Ministry Official

Two days ago, in broad daylight, a ministry official (who shall remain unnamed) was murdered by what now seems to be a new death eater ( an unknown 20 year old witch). “He was just minding his own business. Walking down the street, then bang, he was dead.” Reported a muggle eyewitness (memory later modified). “She was there, then she wasn’t.” Added another muggle eyewitness (memory modified after statement). It seems that we have a new, bold, death eater in our mist.

Wands Up April 12, 1980
New Death Eater, Daughter of He Who Must Not Be Named?

The “new” female death eater who has been striking fear into the hearts of many for nearly a month now is currently surrounded by new speculation. A source (name withheld for protection reasons) has come forward proclaiming that this violent female is in fact the daughter of You Know Who himself. All attempts to confirm this new information have met with…dead ends.

Spell Press September 4, 1980
Self Proclaimed “Dark Witch” Murders 13 Muggles

The female death eater and daughter of He Who Must Not Be Named, murdered 13 muggle school children as they exited a library in London. Muggle witnesses (before memory modification) gave the usual description, “black cloaked, female, instant appearance and disappearance”. Only this time one thing was different. This time the name of the second most feared magical being of our time was revealed. The name, the Dark Witch.

Magic Journal December 25, 1980
Minister of Magic Murdered

On Christmas Eve friends and family of the late minister, Abraham Ackerly, went to spend the holiday with him and his family at their private residence. Only to discover someone had been there first. To, not only their horror, but the entire wizarding world’s, the minister, his wife, and two children were found murdered in the living room of there home. The signs of both You Know Who and the Dark Witch were present at the scene. Merlin, help us all.

Cauldron Tribune May 2, 1981
Dark Witch Leads Army of Magical Creatures

Yesterday, at approximately 12:01 a.m., a legion of magical creatures, ranging from giants to pixies, marched across the open plains of Ireland. At there head was a woman robed in pure black, riding on the back of an, oddly submissive, unicorn. One can only assume, that the first official sighting of He Who Must Not Be Named’s first lieutenant, the Dark Witch, has occurred. Merlin only knows what You Know Who's intent is for this army.

Wizarding Times November 30,1981
Dark Witch, Missing In Action?

The second most feared person in the wizarding world has absent from crime scenes across the globe for months now. Yet, no body has been found, nor has anyone confessed to her destruction. One can only wonder, have we seen the last of the Dark Witch?

A man named Albus Dumbledore withdrew himself slowly from his Pensieve, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. This would not be an easy task, there would dangers at every turn. For, and he knew this better than anyone, there were forces in this world that would do anything to stop him from uncovering the Dark Witch and her secrets.

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