Twilight Alternate Ending

April 18, 2010
“Edward, I am putting my boot down on this.”

I heard his quiet chuckle behind me as he caught the irony of my choice of words. Having a broken leg was pointless. What good was it if I couldn’t even get out of the dreaded Prom? I’d have thought Charlie would realize the public danger I’d be at a dance, him being a cop and all, and trying to protect the kids of Forks High School. I’m clumsy enough, and adding a cast just doesn’t do wonders for my elegance and grace.

“You can not get out of this, Bella. Think of my health, Alice will kill me if I let you bow out of Prom.”

“As if you wouldn’t already be in Mexico the second you read her mind and saw she what she was planning…” But I got into the car. Of course I did. There was no way to resist Edward when he pulled that face. Darn him and his beautiful vampire looks. It just wasn’t fair.

Pulling up to the school parking lot, I groaned as I saw the crowd of overexcited teenagers. This night was just getting better and better. Everyone was huddled around something, or someone, but I couldn’t see at my vantage point.

“Huh, wonder what they’re all staring…” I heard my words trail off, and could feel my heart jump up my throat. There, undulating and twisting was her. Victoria. I jerked to the side as Edward screeched the car around, making an impossible u-turn look easy. He sped out of the parking lot with his eyes trained on the road.

It wasn’t possible. James’ hadn’t been dead for all that long, why was she coming after me so soon? I knew she’d come after me. It was to be expected since Edward had killed her mate. But I’d thought I would at least have a few weeks before I needed to start getting worried, I’d figured she’d want to plan and strategize.


“Hush, Bella. I need to concentrate.”

I silenced my words and just stared at Edward. He would know what to do, he had to. Since all of the Cullen’s had a perverse pleasure for speeding, it was only minutes before we arrived at the Cullen mansion. I sighed in relief as I saw the house. Edward jerked to a stop and flew out of the car. In his agitation he was a bit slower in opening my door.

“Carlisle. Esme.” Edward called over his shoulder as he assisted me out. An instant later both Carlisle and Esme were beside us.

“Victoria was at the Prom, she followed us here. She’s out there, somewhere in the forest.” if it was possible, the already pale Esme seemed to lose even more color. Then, maybe it only looked that way because I was searching for it.

“Do you know what she wants, Edward?” Carlisle’s soothing doctor voice calmed my hectic nerves a bit.

“We all know what she wants.” Edward’s low voice cut through the tension. I could three pairs of eyes glancing at me as I stared determinedly at the grass. If Victoria wanted me, she could have me. I didn’t want any of the Cullen’s, especially Edward, hurt because of me.

“Are the other’s coming back?” Esme asked, her eyes searching the surrounding forest. Her motherly worry emanated off of her in waves. Watching Esme reminded me of Renee, and how I hadn’t talked to her in awhile, and how maybe I never would again if Victoria was successful in offing me.

“Yes, they’ll be here in--” a high pitched manic laugh cut Edward off. With a gasp I whipped around and there she was. Just standing there, staring longingly at me. Like she wanted to suck me dry. Which she probably did.

Immediately, Esme, Carlisle, and Edward were crouched around and in front of me. Ready to fend her off.

“Do you honestly believe I’m going to kill her just yet? I want her to suffer from fear and worry a bit first.” Victoria called out to us, relaxed as you please. “No, I won’t kill her. Yet. I’ll lie in wait, for you Cullen’s to make a mistake, leave her alone for a second too long. Then she’ll be mine to play with. I do so enjoy my games, you know.” she laughed loudly again, but this time outright hatred and fury creased her features. This was the most I’d ever heard Victoria speak, if not the first time. A chill crept up my spine as I realized she would take however much time it took until I was dead. That I’d never live in peace until she had had her revenge.

Glancing behind her, Victoria flicked her hair then disappeared. Seconds later the rest of the Cullen’s showed up.

“Victoria won’t ever get near you, Bella, you don’t have to be afraid.” Edward assured me, but I couldn’t help but doubt him.

“She’s right though Edward, one of these days you’ll leave me alone and there she’ll be. Waiting and triumphant.”

“No, we’ll all be around to protect you, Bella. Don’t get all worked up over nothing. She is one vampire against us seven, Victoria doesn’t stand a chance.” Alice spoke smugly, and it was kind of hard to doubt her. Edward pulled me into a hug and I relaxed against him. They were right.

The Cullen’s were a family of vampires and nothing could touch me while I was with them.

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DiamondsIntheGrass This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 1, 2010 at 7:49 pm
really well writtten, but... somehow seems a little, run-on-y.  too... quick.  i guess?  haha.
TaKeN_FoR_LiFe_42410 said...
May 15, 2010 at 6:58 pm
This was really good! :} keep it up! :}
summertime13 said...
May 3, 2010 at 4:09 pm
that was really good youshouldstop have you ever thought about being a writer?????
youshouldstop replied...
May 3, 2010 at 8:46 pm
Thanks :D and of course I've thought of being a writer :)
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