The "Magic" Ring

April 15, 2010
By AJStl BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
AJStl BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have something magical? Something Mythical? What if you didn’t even know it was magical? Frodo Baggins has this problem. His long time friend and adopted father Bilbo has this peculiar ring. On Bilbo’s 111th birthday, he decides that the life he is living in their land, the Shire, isn’t for him anymore, and we decides to leave without anyone knowing except two people. These 2 people are Frodo, of course, and the wizard Gandalf. Frodo inherits the ring from Bilbo after much discussion. This is when Frodo finds out that this is not an ordinary ring. He gets older in years, but his image doesn’t chance, as Bilbo’s hadn’t before him. Gandalf visits often to Frodo, but this time, he looks serious. He tells Frodo that this peculiar ring is actually the One Ring, the ruler of them all. It is the ring that was lost by the evil king Sauron, the one of ancient stories, the ruler of them all. Frodo must now embark on a quest that takes him to the dark kingdom, Mordor, and he will have to destroy the ring himself. Will he make it out alive? Will he make it to the Kingdom? Will he get out of the Shire without dying? Frodo embarks on the quest of a lifetime. Will you be there?

The author's comments:
School made me write this piece, but i am glad i did

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