April 1, 2010
By Brian666 SILVER, MERTON, Wisconsin
Brian666 SILVER, MERTON, Wisconsin
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"Jack's gonna die"

Three handsome looking folks entered the elevator. “Going up?” asked the man with a distinct afro. There was no response from the other members.
The shady dog in the trench coat couldn’t peel his eyes from the afro man, Under Cover Brother; while the other gentleman refused to get off his phone.
“Now this is one slow moving elevator.” McGruff the Crime Dog huffed. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this would you?” The dog beamed towards Under Cover Brother.
“Man all ya’ll crazy crackeh’s is out to get me.”
Suddenly McGruff jumped on Under Cover Brother, and gave a whole new meaning to police brutality. The man on the phone, Philips Knight (CEO of Nike), grabbed the vicious dog off of Under Cover Brother.
“Do you mind, I’m on an important phone…well you can tell Reebok to jam there !@#$% clearance sale right up there…hmm bars?” Philips hastily began scanning for a signal.
“I’m sorry but I’m just a little on edge since I lost my job,” cried Mcgruff.
“Yo dog, what for?”
“I was stealing food from the office,” said McGruff.
“That’s low, dog,” said the sympathetic Brother.
“Hey, the elevator, it stopped moving, man it’s hotter in here than one of my sweatshops,” said Philip, as he began to panic.
“I’ll get us out of here!” shouted Under Cover Brother. With a bang, he kicked a hole in the elevator door with his platform shoes.
The three of them ran out in the hall; McGruff on all fours, Philip making great distance in his tennis shoes, and Under Cover Brother following shortly. Unexpectedly an explosion formed a gaping hole in the wall on their left revealing a team of killer robots.
“It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom!” shouted Philip Knight, as he whipped out his sword.
McGruff and Under Cover Brother, packing heat of course, unloading on the swarm of robots.
After the chaos, the robots were all dead, but Philip was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly out of the pile of robot carcasses emerged Philip Knight with his shining blade covered in robo-blood. One of the robots survived in hiding and took off for Philip with its rusty claws stretched out in front. Philip now aware of the ordeal turned and kicked the robots head off.
“Just do it!”

The author's comments:
It's Fun!

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