Trapped in an Elevator

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

The elevator doors opened with a DING and Dane Cook stepped in and pushed the button to go down to the lobby. As the doors began to close, a smirk crept across his face.

“Automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi,” said Dane as he thought about what it would be like to be a Jedi.

“What’s up, doc?” asked Bugs Bunny while munching on a carrot and leaning with his elbow up on Dane’s shoulder.

“Bugs Bunny?” said Dane completely confused.

Bugs nods and before he can speak again there is a booming voice coming from down the hallway, “GET BACK HERE YOU PESKY WABBIT!!!”said the mystery voice.
“See ya!” said Bugs as he bolted out of the elevator leaving his chewed up carrot on the floor.
The doors started to close when Elmer Fudd squeezed between the two closing doors at the last second. Wearing hiking boots, a flannel jacket and a matching hat he crouched down and held his shotgun, looking around the elevator for the rabbit.

“Umm dude…”started Dane, pointing at the doors, before he was cut off.

“Shhhhhh I’m hunting wabbits,” said Elmer in a whisper, returning to creeping around the elevator.

The elevator stopped again at the fifth floor and Chris Griffin stumbled in out of breath and began to frantically push the button to close the doors. The doors finally closed and Chris could breathe again.

“Whoa that was close,” said Chris readjusting his baseball cap and checking to see if his earring was still there.

“What are you running from?” asked Dane.

“There’s an evil monkey in my closet, and he’s trying to kill me,” said Chris, in a whinny voice. Realizing the monkey can probably see which floor he is headed to from the lights on the outside of the elevator, he pushed all of the buttons.

“NO you’re gonna jam the…” The elevator suddenly stopped when they were almost to the second floor. “…elevator,” said Dane, sliding down to sit on the ground.

“What happened?” asked Elmer.

“I think I broke the elevator,” said Chris.

The elevator lights began to flicker and the music stopped. The sound of the elevator cables trying to move echoed through the small box of an elevator.

“Something is wrong, something is w-r-o-n-g wroooong,” said Dane, mimicking the robotic voice of a Speak n’ Spell.

“It was that pesky wittle wabbit,” said Elmer, still looking for the rabbit.

“NO it wasn’t the ‘wittle wabbit,’ Elmer, it was this weirdo who went and hit all the buttons,” said Dane. He stood up to check the elevator phone but it wasn’t working.

“Guys I think we’re gonna be in here for a while,” said Dane turning around to look at Chris and Elmer.

They both looked at Dane; Elmer getting ready to blame the rabbit again, and Chris worrying that the evil monkey from his closet was going to jump down from the removable tiles in the ceiling and try to kill him again.

“Oh no!” said Elmer.

“Oh no!” said Chris a few seconds later.
Then the elevator doors crashed open with a loud BANG!

“OH YEAAAAAA!!” yelled the Kool-Aid man after bursting through the doors.

“OH NO!...wait we’re free! The Kool-aid man broke the door open!” said Dane.
The Kool-Aid man stepped back from the elevator and Chris stepped out first looking around for the monkey before walking away, Elmer ran out next shouting about rabbits, finally Dane stepped out holding his head. He couldn’t believe he was just stuck in an elevator with two cartoons.

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