The Year and a Half I spent with Tom Kaulitz- Chapter 1-3

March 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Chapter 1- Encounter with Fame
Omg, I can't believe that I'm finally here. All that hard work and
studying really payed off. I'm here in Germany. I flew from New York
to Hamburg on a 14 hour flight. I'm at the hotel now. I getting ready
to unpack and then I'm going to explore Germany for the night. Well,
that's it for now.
After I unpacked half of my 18 months worth of clothes, I went to the
lobby of the apartment complex and got a schedule. It listed all of
the things going on tonight. I had the choice of wine tasting, poetry
reading, a tour or a concert at the park. I kinda wanted to have some
fun so I decided to go with the concert at the park. I asked the
concierge for directions to the park. He gave me a paper with
directions to every place on the pamphlet. When I got outside it was
cool with a slight breeze, the perfect weather to walk in. I follwed
the directions on the sheet. On my way I passed alot of cool clothing
stores and bakerys that smelt amazing. As I got closer to the park, it
began getting kind of dark so all of the street lights came on along
with the lights from the park. When I made to the park, I was early so
I just decided to sit down on the bench and check my email while I
waited. About 15 minutes later some people started running around on
the stage. I glanced up for a moment and then continued answering
emails. I then heard a hard thud on the ground. Some hobbit like man
with long brown hair was laying face down. I ran over and knelt down
beside him. "Sir are you ok?" He turned over on his side facing away
from me, he started moaning. All of a sudden another guy who looked
vaugly familiar came from behind me to help. When he said "Georg are
you alright" I knew two things, I knew who had fallen and I knew who
wa sitting beside me.

Chapter 2- The inviitaion
I turned my head and was staring into the face of Tom Kaulitz. My
mouth droped open and I had to remind my self to breath. " Your Tom,
like the Tom" I managed to stutter. He nodded and smiled. For a moment
he just continued to stare at my face. It wasn't the stare you give
someone when they hav somthing in their teeth but the stare you give
when u you are trying to implant their face into your memory. We
probally would have been sitting there all night if Georg didn't
remind Ton that he was still laying on the ground. He returned his
focus back to Georg and asked to help him get Georg on his feet. After
he was on his feet he limped back behind the stage.We both stood up, I
turned to face him. "that clumsy fool always falling somewhere" he
joked. I giggled a nervous laugh. " but seriously thanks again so
much, how can I repay you?" I thought for a moment, "um can I have an
autograph from all of you guys" I asked. He nodded the waved his arm
for me to floow him. I grab my purse off of the bench and followed him
back behind the stage. "hey I never did catch your name" he said still
focusing forwards." dulcie". I follows him to a small tent you see at
tail gating parties. " Bill,Gustav,Georg please say hi to Dulcie. She
helped get oil slick over there off the ground when he fell of the
stage" he said looking at Georg. They all waved. Bill came over and I
put my hand out to shake his hand." aw we don't shake with people who
save our best friends life, come here" he said putting his arms out
for a hug. I went to give him a hug. It was so awesome, he squeezed my
shoulders really tight to. "my turn" gustav cried out. I walked over
to him and he pulled me into a hug, looser than Bills. Georg follwed,
his was the longest as I suspected considering the fact that I was the
only reason he was hugging me anyway. The last hug I got was from Tom.
Out of eveybody Tom's hug was much longer and much more affectionate
than everyone elses. After they signed some autographs and I began to
leave, Tom stopped me. He turned to face them, " guys this isn't right
she just helped our best friend, and all we give her is an autograph."
They all nodded as if they agreed. Then Tom turned to me, how about
you come to Club Liquid with us after the show, we'll drive you an you
can hang with us. My heart began to race like crazy, I was so excited
but I decided to play it cool. " ok that sounds great." Tom grinned. I
honestly didn't do anything to help Georg other than to see if he was
ok. I was kinda under the imperession that Tom just wanted to hang out
with me. " ok then, here's a pass for after show. Meet us back here,
security will let you in if you show his to them so I'll see you after
the show. I walked from the tent to the bench where I ha originally
been. But when I got back out there it was packed. Girls were carrying
signs, screming their name and everything. A few moments later, the
intro for Noise began playing. Then the concert began.
The concert was amazing. Even though I came alone I ended up trading
numbers with some of the girls I met. Throughout the whole concert I
kept catching Tom glancing over at me. Everytime I would she him he
would look away quickly. But even though he did I still noticed. When the concert ebded I decided to wait until all of the girls cleared out so I wouldn’t be followed back stage. When the cleared, I stood up, took a deep breath and went back stage.

Chapter 3- Club Liquid
Tom was waiting outside of his car. He drove a white Audi with two burgandy
paralell horizontial stripes on the side. He opened the door for me
and I slid in. He closed the door and went around to the other side to
get in.Bill, Gustav and Georg were going in Bill's Audi. On the way
there Tom asked me about where I was from and all of the biographical
info. When we all pulled up papparazzi were all over the cars. It was
just about impossible to get out. At first they were all over Tom's
side of the car but them when they saw me they crowed me like a swarm
of flies.They were asking if I was Toms girlfriend and alot of other
relationship type questions. I seriously beginning to feel
claustraphobic. Tom moved through the cameras and came to help me. He
put his hand out. I took it and he pulled me through the crowd. When
we finally got in to the club I was exausted from pushing through all
of those people. The club manager had a room in the back reserved
especially for celebrities that visited the club. A tall buff man
opened up the red velvet rope for us. The room was circular and was
lit by pink and blue lights. We all slid onto the round couch that
circled the perimeter of the room. The song Party in the USA came on
and Bill stood up and started dancing. We all started laughing. Bill
looked over my way and waved for me to come dance with him. " Im not
much of a dancer" I said shaking me head. He gave me a sheepish grin.
" come on we're at a club you have to dance" Tom chimed in. They all
began chanting for me to dance. I finally gave in, "ok ok I'll dance!"
I stood up and stared dancing, I did exactly what the song said, " I
put my hands up their playing my song, butterflies fly away. Nodding
my head like ya, moving my hips like ya" When the song ended they
clapped for me. I took a bow and then sat back down. " Very nice
Dulcie" Tom commented. I smiled. " hey I'm going to go get a drink" I
told him. I began getting my wallet out of my purse, but then he
grabbed my hand. I looked up at him confused. " your with us, I'll pay
for it." he beckoned for a waitress to come over. " go ahead and
order" I ordered a virgin strawberry daquiri. After the waitress had
walked away, he turned to me. " you don't drink?" he asked. " well I'm
19 and you have to be 21 to drink so I haven't had achohol before." I
explained. He nodded in understanding. After I had a little drink Tom
asked if I wanted to dance. I did, so I followed him out to the dance
floor. The song "tic tok" by Ke$ha was on. I knew Tom liked hip hop
music and he knew like all these really cool dance moves. I just did
the two step and laughed. When song had ended I realized that
everybody had cleared a circle around us to watch Tom dance. I
realized that when they entire club erupted into applause. He bowed
and everyone filled back in to the dance floor. The next song that
came on was "open arms" by journey. I wasn't really sure what to do.
All of the couples had paired up and were slow dancing. " Do you still
want to dance" he asked. "ok sure." I put arms around his neck and he
put his arms around my waist. I kinda had to reach up because he was
taller than me.I thought it would be kind of uncomfortable dancing
with him but I was wrong. It wasn't weird at all. When the song was
over we went back over to the room. We sat and talked for a while. I
looked at my watch and saw that it was 1 in the morning. " well Tom
thank you so much for a great night but I have a class at six in the
morning." " oh ok I'll drive you." he offered. I said goodbye to the
rest of the guys and we left.

" thank you" I said closing the door. I
said walking toward the building. " wait" he called out of the window.
I turned around. " I want to see you again" he revealed. I smiled. "
here's my number call me anytime I'll be here for 18 months." I wrote
my number down and gave it to him. " I'll call you tomorrow" he said.
I waved and he sped off down the road.

The author's comments:
I really love the band Tokio Hotel and i also love writing so i decided to combine them and came up this story.

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on Sep. 7 2010 at 11:00 am
Muziksoul29 PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
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Tokio Hotel is the most amazing band ever and Tom is one HOT guitarist! Bill is cool too but I like guys that can play guitar. Awesome story.

on Apr. 4 2010 at 5:35 pm
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I'm sorry, i didn't get to finish it, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that band!!!!!!! i listen to them all the time!! perosnally, i can't decide whethere I like tom or bill more.... lol! good job! :)

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