March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Chaos Theory One: The Dream
Before all dimensions and universes began, there were only two that had been at the center; before the beginning of time. One universe was completely made of darkness and another made up of light. In human language, it would be known as heaven and hell. The world of light had beings that were pure white and covered with white clothing. The world of darkness was nothing, but nothingness so dark and pitched black that that if you were enter it, you would be lost for all eternity. After a millennium, the world of darkness began to grow. The beings of light began to worry that the darkness was getting too great. Therefore, a group of light-beings traveled to the world of darkness to purify it. After the purification was done, they began to make it a ritual to go to the world of darkness every one thousand years, in an attempt to make sure the darkness wouldn't grow too powerful. After ten thousand years, the two worlds stayed as it had to be. Until, a new group of light beings traveled to purify the world of darkness. Until a child of the light was captured by the darkness. Its parents tried whatever they could to save it, but it was already too late. The child was lost to the world of darkness. The group of light-beings wept for the loss of the child as they returned to their world.

A thousand years later, a new group of light-beings went to purify the world of darkness. However, when they arrived at the borders to the world of darkness, there stood an army of beings made up of absolute darkness and nothing more. The only thing that you could see from that army was glowing red eyes that seem to pierce the very fabric of your soul. Out of nowhere, the group became overwhelmed with emotions they had never felt before. One emotion, which was greater than them all, was fear. The kind of fear that would be frightening to those who wanted to flee, but they knew that if they ran, they would already be dead. After the slaughter of those light beings, the shadow felt unsatisfied and knew of place field with more of the prey they just hunted in the world or light.

The army darkness and the warriors of light fought more. The battle would become the longest battle ever recorded in the history of all universes. There came to a point where the army of darkness would come out the victor. However, as a last resort, they would come together, combining their powers to create new beings that were born from all that power. It was given the name, “The Golden Angel,” a being that had bright, silver white wings with golden armor and the power to create universes at will. From that point onward, the battle against the army of darkness had a change of direction. No longer were the beings of light in suppression, they were gaining the higher ground. When the final was about to be given to the mighty Golden Angel, the leader of the army of darkness appeared. He was as powerful as the Golden Angel himself. The battle between both powerful beings ended not with a winner, but with both sides being sent trough a world of change. The force of the opposing powers colliding, a giant explosion came from both sides that we now know as the Big Bang.

"Aaaaaaaaah" (Waaabang) "what was that all about?" Said an unknown voice "God! It's finally the last week of high school and I keep having kiddy dreams still... Man I’m lame!" The unknown voice said "JAMES ARE YOU AWAKE YET YOUR GOING TO BE LATE IT'S YOUR LAST WEEK OF HIGH SCHOOL AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO MISS IT!”, "MOM “I'm awake already ok!" James "Well then get dressed you’re going to be late" Mom "yeah, yeah" James “How come you can wake yourself up on your own and stead of me having to wake you up, and now I’m late for my Job” Mom. “Yeah, yeah I know I’m the worst son ever” James “you’re not the worst son I love you and all, but I wished that you were more responsible for yourself” mom. “Huh look at the time I’m going to be late bye honey see you later and remember be on time.” (That is my mom she real over protective of me these years after dad died 12 years ago in England and yeah if you are wondering if store is in England your wrong, because after my dad died we had to move to America too start over.) “O, dam I’m going to be late again!”(Oh, yeah I forgot to mention my name I am James Tokogawa. I’m guessing you are now wandering how is it that my last name is Japanese, well since my dad is in fact Japanese that explain it and now you’re wondering how is it a Japanese man met an English woman like my mother in England when his suppose to be in Japan. Well that will have to wait later right now I am late for school.) “School bell sound” “yo James bro how it is going” unknown “hmm” James “dude you okay, it’s me your bud Sid Fhen hello any one in their DUDE!” Sid Fhen “Oh sorry dude I was thinking about something” James “not that weird dream you told me you having ever since you were little” Sid “yeah I’m still having that dream man I can’t stop it I tried everything from thinking happy thoughts, to thinking pervy thoughts just to sleep!” James. “Don’t worry man after school I’ll show you something cool that well make you forget all about that dream” Sid “Dude I hoping you’re not planning another strip bar trip” James “No, man” Sid “because you remember last time” James “ so we got caught by the security guard and thrown out like the perverts that we are” Sid. “DUDE don’t make sound so dirty as it was come on!” James “what, I didn’t make sound as perverted as say I did besides were not doing that were doing something different utterly different, Trust ME!” Sid (man I was hoping he wouldn’t have said that)>James

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