Three Little Pigs and The wolf

February 2, 2010
By jnova17 BRONZE, Sebastian, Florida
jnova17 BRONZE, Sebastian, Florida
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For generations the story of the Three Little Pigs has been told through the point of view of the pigs as protagonists and the wolf as the antagonist. But what if the story was switched around and told from the point of view of the wolf. What if he really wasn’t the bad character in the story? What if the pigs were liars and the events that took place never really happened? Well, here’s a story of a wolf that has been accused of being a terror and a monster; he is finally getting the chance to prove his side of the story of what really happened.

Years long ago when pigs and wolves could walk upright and talk a story was told in an unjust point of view. It all started with the wolf that walked over to his neighbor’s house to ask for a cup of sugar. He rang the door bell and out came the pig from the straw made house. He politely asked him if he could get some sugar because he ran out, during his process of making his sister a cake. The pig looked at him, picked up sand from his door step, and threw it in the wolf’s face as hard as he could. As the door slammed shut in his face, he wiped the dirt from his eye. On his journey back home, a huge sand tornado came through the straw pig’s house and tore down the pig’s house into a million piles of straws. The wolf was shocked and went straight home. He looked out the window and saw the straw house pig looking directly in the direction of the wolf’s house. The pig ran to the brick house of his fellow pig friend.

The next day the wolf was doing a little wolf workout, jogging up and down the streets. He looked into pig number two’s house as he ran by several times, and the pig stared at him with a devilish look every time. The wolf got nervous and ran inside. He once again looked out of his window to pig number two’s house. A storm just magically appeared, and the rain was coming down so fierce. It made pig number two’s house slowly fall and break apart because of the sticks becoming so water logged. He ran out of his house to pig number three’s house, the brick house, where pig number one was staying.

A few days went by and every day before work, the wolf would see the three little pigs outside of the brick house planning something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. The wolf felt a little humbled to leave his house, because every pig thought he was the reason for them not having a home anymore, but that wasn’t true. As the wolf returned home, there was a sign on his door that they were taking him to court.

This brings us back to today. As the wolf sits in front of the jury and the judge, they finally appoint him to justice, he is found not guilty. The pigs were furious but nothing compared to the wolf because he was being accused for attempted murder for purposively trying to kill the pigs while they were in their home, destroying their house. They left the court room with no words spoken to go back to how their lives were before court with the two houses blown to smithereens.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. As the time passed, the ever so humble wolf was in a rage where he wanted to eat the pigs. He viciously on ran over to the pig’s brick house and howled loudly to let him in. They didn’t bother with him, and he did everything he could to get in the house. He finally crawled through the fire place and attacked the first pig. He wanted to just maul each and every one for blaming him for all these misfortunate events. But as he leaped in that direction, the other two pigs grabbed the wolf by the tail and hog tied him down. The wolf couldn’t move, and there was no escape.

In the end, instead of the pigs being these humble characters, they end up making the wolf their meal. Who ever knew that pigs would become carnivores? But these three little pigs planned it all along. When he saw them outside for those several days, luring him in was their plan. From the gang up in the one house, to watching him go to work, and to getting him to court was their plan for their final solution to eating the ever so humble wolf.

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on Dec. 8 2010 at 3:58 pm
SilentlyRising GOLD, Decatur, Georgia
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Oh.  Wow.  I never thought about it that way.  Very cool.  I like it.


Check out some of my work if you get the time.

on Oct. 13 2010 at 12:28 pm
_Rose_Red_ BRONZE, Many, Louisiana
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"Sometimes the dreams that come true, are the dreams that you never even knew you had!"

Awesome I'v loved the original story all of my life, But this is cool!

on Aug. 7 2010 at 10:42 pm
Healing_Angel SILVER, Sydney, Other
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Intesting! I love how you switched the viewpoint! Great work!


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